Installers wait to get into the ground, weight restrictions lifted in Minnesota

The Upper Midwest is suffering through an uncommonly cold late winter and early spring. To show the wild weather patterns we’ve experienced in our home base in northern Wisconsin, the last day of winter yesterday saw morning temps in the teens, compared to 80-plus on the same day last year.

The cold weather and snow cover is driving installers nutty. Last year they’d already been digging up ground for several weeks by the end of March. Now they’re playing the waiting game as the customers stack up.

And the cold spring is causing another problem: frozen systems. News reports out of Minnesota this week say systems are freezing across the state, prompting the state to lift traditional spring weight restrictions on local roads to allow vacuum trucks and other equipment access to systems to make repairs.

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One Minnesota septic service contractor reported he’s worked on about a dozen frozen systems this winter, prompted by a brief thaw that melted an insulating snow cover, followed by another hard freeze.

If you’re located in the south, you probably can’t relate to the problems a long winter can cause. If you’re up north, you’re probably getting more frustrated by the minute as the calls come in for new systems and repairs, but the trucks aren’t leaving the yard.

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