We want to hear about your latest system install

As April showers look to push up May flowers, you’re probably stacking up system install jobs for the summer right about now. In the far north, winter isn’t giving up its grip on the land, so there aren’t many excavators working the ground up yet. Further south, contractors might already have a few new systems up and running.

Hopefully installers will enjoy a busy season, and some of those jobs will present interesting challenges. Either you’ll be called on to use advanced technology in a new way in your area, or you’ll be forced to overcome rugged terrain or a postage stamp-sized lot to assemble an onsite system that will work great for years to come. That’s what it’s all about; meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations for a decentralized wastewater system. 

I want to hear about the challenging installs you are most proud of this year. We’re always looking to learn from your best projects – and pass along some of those lessons to readers of Onsite Installer. We do that through our monthly System Profile feature. If you have a job coming up that tests your skills as an installer or introduces you to a new technology, let me know about it. We’d love to share your experience with other readers so we can all benefit as a progressive environmental services industry. 

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Send me details in an email at editor@onsiteinstaller.com.

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