How busy is your busy season shaping up to be?

The number of weeks onsite system installers are booked ahead during the busy season is one indicator of how well the real estate recovery is coming along. Memorial Day has passed and you should have several months of time to work in the ground, so I’m wondering: If a customer calls you today, when can you start on the job?

How many weeks are you scheduling out? And if demand is far outstripping the ability of your crews to deliver the product, are you thinking about adding some more employees this season?

Given the ups and downs the construction industry has endured over the last decade, I understand when I hear of contractors who are wary of adding workers, worried that they might eventually have to lay them off. But I also know a lot of contractors are putting in long hours and potentially turning away work when they have to give a long lead time to customers who come calling.

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You’re walking a fine line when you run a construction-related company. It’s always good to have a long pipeline of work, but you also don’t want that pipeline to extend too far into the future. So what’s your current situation? Let’s get a conversation started and see if demand for septic systems varies by region this summer. 

Inquiring minds want to know how the industry is doing.

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