Owl dies after going down a holding tank vent pipe

An owl that died after it went down a holding tank vent pipe in search of a nesting cavity is the impetus for a new program to cap vault toilet vents in California natural areas, according to the Visalia Times Delta newspaper. Check out this article about a group earmarking $5,700 to screen vent pipes after a northern saw whet owl nicknamed Poo perished after being rescued from the holding tank:


Do you routinely cap and screen vent pipes associated with septic systems to protect wildlife and prevent obstruction of gases? Do you have a story to tell about maintenance required because a vent clogged for any reason and you were called out for an emergency service. 

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The owl went down a 12-inch pipe and landed in the bottom of the vault toilet holding tank, and was discovered by a pumping company. A park worker coaxed the angry bird out of the tank, but it died five days later of a bacterial infection.

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