Soil scientists plan celebration

Plan to get down and dirty Dec. 5 on World Soil Day! I just received a press release proclaiming the celebration of silt from the Soil Science Society of America. Based in Madison, Wis., the 6,000-member group of soil scientists and others is hoping the public on Thursday remembers the vast environmental contributions of soil and how it makes the world a better place to live.

David Lindbo, a North Carolina State soil scientist and president of SSSA puts it succinctly:

“Soil is one of the world’s most neglected resources. We must take care of our soil for this generation, and all generations to come.” Lindbo points to the organization’s slogan, “Soils Sustain Life,” which “illustrates that without soil, we don’t have food, clothing, shelter, water – all the things that contribute to life.”

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Of course, onsite installers don’t need to be reminded about the value of soil. They rely on its filtering power every day to help treat waste in homes and commercial properties. But still, the SSSA would like everyone to think about the ways soil impacts their lives.

And so you can turn to Nick Comerford, of the University of Florida, who blogs about soil science at:

Comerford blog

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Or check out the I Heart Soil Facebook page at:

I Heart Soil

So take a moment this week to get up out of that trench and pause in your mud-encrusted trousers to say a big thank-you to soil! Then get back to work with that shovel.

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