Stop at the COLE editors' booth and tell me your story

It's the first day of exhibits at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International in Indianapolis. Welcome to the biggest show in wastewater! For onsite installers, this is a great opportunity to look at all of the latest onsite components to improve your operation and build better systems for your customers. Whether it's tanks, drainfield media, inspection equipment or just about anything your company needs to get the job done, it's all here. 

I will be spending most of the day in the COLE editors' booth, No. 4028, where I'm excited to meet installers who came to the Indiana Convention Center. Please stop by and say hello. I'm on the lookout for interesting stories we can produce for the magazine in the coming year. That includes contractor profiles - telling your small business success story - and system profile features, where we give readers a step-by-step recount of a challenging installation. I'm anxious to learn more about your installing company and see how we can work together to inform readers with helpful tips and techniques.

Stop by today!

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