A homeowner’s tale of a dirty dog and a filled-to-the-brim septic system is a case for routine maintenance

If this isn’t a case for getting homeowners on a regular septic-pumping schedule, I don’t know what is.

A piece published recently on ShorelineTimes.com describes a homeowner’s panic as he discovered his golden retriever had dug a hole near his septic tank … and ended up covered in liquid septic waste. The tank was so full, despite being pumped 18 months prior, the system was beginning to pond. The homeowner was lucky the dog had been poking around the septic system. Left any longer, the system would have started backing up into the house.

A maintenance schedule is a beautiful thing. Some systems need more frequent care, and stories like this drive that home.

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Read the article here, and maybe relay this story next time a homeowner thinks they don’t need their septic system pumped very often. Relying on the family dog is not enough!

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