Expo seminars offer abundant learning opportunities for installation practice and general business management.

Fill up on knowledge at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo, Feb. 25-28. You'll find full tracks of seminars given by trainers with leading industry associations.

Here's a rundown of seminars of special interest to designers and installers of onsite treatment systems.

Education Day, Monday, Feb. 25

The day's highlight is a keynote presentation on "The Business of Contracting" by Dan Friesen of the Nexstar Network (Formerly Contractors 2000). From 3 to 5 p.m., Friesen will cover business principles taught for many years by Frank Blau Jr. that have helped thousands of contractors treat customers to first-class service, provide employees with first-class benefits, and earn an income commensurate with the service they deliver.

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Friesen, a Nexstar master trainer, comes from a long line of tradesmen, having worked for a plumbing, heating and cooling business as an installer, service technician, comfort advisor, marketing manager and general manager. In 2009, he started his own business, where success and growth continue to be his trademarks.

National Association of Wastewater Technicians

"Introduction to Pressure Distribution," by onsite consultant Kit Rosefield: Learn how and where to use pressure distribution, practices for installing pressure laterals in gravelless media, and much more.

"Designing Systems: Boundaries and Barriers from a Soils Perspective," by Jim Anderson of the University of Minnesota: Focus on soil design principles for both gravity and pressure distribution systems.

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"Pump Choices and Settings: Decisions for Proper Operation," by Dave Gustafson of the University of Minnesota: Get an in-depth look at pump selection and sizing, float setting, timers, controls and dosing.

"Operation and Maintenance of Pressure Distribution Laterals," by Bob Wright, P.E., of CHURCH Onsite Wastewater Consultants: Learn drainfield layouts for aboveground and at-grade systems, plus ways to clean laterals, and types of lateral clean-outs and inspection ports.

"Installing with Management in Mind: How to Get the Most out of Your System," by Dave Gustafson: Learn how to create systems that are easy to maintain and service for the long term.

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National Environmental Health Association

"What Makes a Professional in Onsite Wastewater Systems?" by Doug Lassiter of the North Carolina Septic Tank Association: Learn to build a professional reputation and increase your business potential.

"Parts One and Two: The Science and Engineering of Onsite Wastewater Treatment," by A. Robert Rubin of North Carolina State University: Learn the physical, chemical and biological processes behind onsite systems, and study advanced treatment, screens and filters, effluent pumps and system design requirements.

"Education & Training: Professionalization of the Practitioners," by Anthony Smithson of NEHA: Discover how education and training can enhance the industry and your business.

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"Management Models & Entities: Management and Becoming a Management Entity," by Anthony Smithson: See how management models can expand your business and increase onsite system effectiveness.

"The Future of the Onsite Wastewater Industry: How to Make it Work for You!" by Doug Lassiter: Find out how you can incorporate what you learned in the NEHA sessions into your business and build a prosperous future.

National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association

"Time Dosing – Why? How? And How Much?" by Tom Fritts of Residential Sewage Treatment Co.: Learn the benefits of time dosing, from extending drainfield life to reducing the cost of some installations.

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"Loading Rates – How Much Can the Soil Take?" by Sara Heger of the University of Minnesota: Find out how quantities and quality of wastewater vary by dwelling and how to design for them.

"Troubleshooting Pumps, Floats and Panels," by Tom Fritts: Learn the steps to becoming a skilled troubleshooter of pumps, floats and panels.

"The Dirty Dozen – Toxins That Kill Septics," by Sara Heger: Learn the effects of chemicals, cleaners, medicines and antibacterial products on septic systems and find out about alternatives.

"How Installers Can Use the Poor Economy to Increase Profits," by Tom Fritts: Discover how to make the economy your sales partner and increase profits.

"Are Seepage Pits Really Bad?" by Sara Heger: Explore issues related to proper siting, design and impact to the environment, including soil phosphorus and chlorides in the groundwater.

"Designing Drip Dispersal Systems," by John Buchanan of the University of Tennessee: Learn drip irrigation technologies, their advantages and the hydraulic principles that allow these systems to function.

"Soil Erosion Control During and After Septic System Installation," by John Buchanan: Learn how to control erosion, manage stormwater, and quickly establish vegetative cover over newly installed septic systems.

"Decentralized Wastewater Collection System Maintenance," by John Buchanan: Find out about the maintenance required to ensure the long-term success of decentralized collection systems.

Wednesday, Feb. 27

"Advanced Installer Course," by Jim Anderson and Dave Gustafson: Cover all the basics of sound onsite system installations, including site evaluation, system sizing and basic design, pumping, advanced treatment units, installing for management, troubleshooting, and more.

Better Business

A popular education feature at the Expo is the business seminar program. This year’s highlight is the all-day seminar, “2013 – Your Best Year Ever,” given by business coach Scott Hunter on Education Day, Monday, Feb. 25. In previous Expo appearances, Hunter has drawn full rooms with his easygoing yet inspiring style. Other general business seminars:


Education Day, Monday, Feb. 25

“The Art and Science of Business Management,” by Bill Raymond of Frank & Lindy Plumbing, Heating & Cooling: Learn how to rid your business of “money thieves” and meet revenue and profit projections.

“The Business of Contracting,” by Dan Friesen of the Nexstar Network: Discover the success secrets of Frank Blau Jr. for building a healthy, strong, profitable company.


Tuesday, Feb. 26

“New Untapped Techniques to Capture Today’s Customers,” by Jerard Nighorn of Lenzyme: Learn seven steps to capturing and keeping customers and getting customers to market for you at no cost.

“10 Steps to Marketing Success,” by Suzan Chin of Creative Raven: Discuss branding, promotion, publicity, advertising, social marketing, electronic communication and more.

“Cloud Computing for Small Business and the Field Service Industry,” by Oren Shatken of FoundOPS: Explore how cloud computing can improve your productivity.

“Don’t Win the Price Game,” by Frank Taciak of C.A. Taciak & Sons: Discover how to get out of the low-price trap, charge for the real value of your services, and operate more profitably.

“Make the Phone Ring with Low-Cost Marketing,” by David Heimer of Service Roundtable: Discover proven techniques to attract customers and recruit top employees without expensive print, TV or radio advertising.

“Local Marketing on the World Wide Web,” by Jim King of COLE, Inc.: Discover how you can market on the Internet to a highly qualified local market through searches, social media or email.


Wednesday, Feb. 27

“Save Money – Move Your Business to the Cloud,” by Joel Smith of Clear Computing: Learn the types of cloud computing, how they affect your business, and the pros and cons of using this resource.

“Morally Bankrupt,” by Dina Dwyer-Owens of Mr. Rooter/The Dwyer Group: Learn how to Live R.I.C.H. by embracing Respect, Integrity and Customer focus, and Have fun in the process.

“Measuring Success Matters: Your Ads, Your Agents, Your Technicians,” by Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan of Service Titans: Spend an hour learning how to focus on generating more leads, booking more appointments, and closing more sales, and why measuring success is the key to all three.


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