Members of the Wisconsin Onsite Water Recycling Association (WOWRA) donated and installed a standard residential private onsite wastewater treatment system for a Wisconsin family as part of Rejuvenate a Family Day this summer.
Each year members nominate families in need. This year’s recipient was Charlene Brace of Janesville, Wis. Brace suffered a stroke 10 years ago, shortly after her husband passed away. It was about this time her septic system began to fail.
“We are extremely grateful for this wonderful goodwill gesture offered by WOWRA,” says Michelle Mattingly, Charlene’s daughter and caregiver. “It’s one less thing for my mom to worry about while she’s trying to get well.”
WOWRA member companies donated materials and labor for the design and one-day installation of the system in accordance with their philosophy of environmental stewardship and to maintain and enhance Wisconsin’s public health and safety.
“This is an exciting and rewarding day for WOWRA leadership and membership, but more importantly it is a day of necessity for the Brace family,” says WOWRA’s Roger Fanning. “As we complete WOWRA’s second annual Rejuvenate a Family Day, we have not forgotten the true meaning behind this endeavor – helping a family in need and giving back to our community that we are a part of.”
Donating products and services for the event were Roger and Don Fanning of Fanning Excavating; Don and Dawn Long of American Septic Service; Matt Wesson, inspector, and Tim Banwell, environmental health director, Rock County; Tom Collins of Collins Sanitary; Aaron and Rob Ausen of Dalmaray Concrete Products; Tim and Kyle Frank of Frank Brothers; Jerry Ellis of Rundle Spence; Jeff Iverson of Infiltrator Systems Inc.; Randy Tischendorf and Pat Kiss of First Supply; Gary Voigt of Lakeshore Burial Vault; Bill Mueller of County Materials; Damon Huibregtse of Dirkse & Huibregtse; Tom Ryan of Miller-Bradford & Risberg; Sam Lindner of Lindner Brothers Sewer & Excavating; Len LaFrenier of LaFrenier & Sons; Mark Wieser of Wieser Concrete; and Tony Birrittieri of Petersen Supply.

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