Problem: A Wisconsin technical college was looking to update its wastewater system.  The current system was more than 40 years old and required the pumps to be manually alternated, which was done on a monthly basis. The budget allowed for only one of the 4-inch pumps to be replaced if the same type of pump was used. The school would then have to budget for forthcoming years to add the second pump.

Solution: The plumber called Jim Murray Inc. and set up a meeting at the job site. It was determined that the current system was antiquated and they would be better served by using submersible 2-inch Tsurumi cutter pumps and an SJE Rhombus duplex panel. The cutter pumps are designed to resolve clogging due to ragging and are used for schools, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels and other institutions. The SJE Rhombus duplex panel eliminates manual alternating of the pumps and has built-in alarms with auxiliary contacts that allow this system to be connected into the existing security system.

Result: This solution fit within the budget and allowed for immediate updating at a fraction of the cost of replacing just one of the original pumps. 800/234-5490;

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