The PL-PS40 prepackaged basin assembly from Polylok comes ready to assemble. It is made of high-density polyethylene, and is lightweight and compact. To install, glue three pieces of PVC and connect the inlet and outlet pipes, and provide power. The design allows for an adapter ring to add up to 24 inches of risers to reach the desired height. The prepackaged basin assembly is easy to access and disconnect for future servicing, according to the maker. The installation kit includes a 24- by 40-inch basin, 24-inch heavy-duty cover, .4 hp effluent pump with a piggyback float for automatic on/off operation, indoor/outdoor audible and visual alarm with float, internal piping system (2-inch PVC piping and a gate, check and union in one valve assembly), three grommets, one 4-inch inlet, one 2-inch discharge and one 1 1/2-inch for electrical, and a junction box with three watertight connectors. 877/765-9565;

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