Orenco Systems 24-inch DuraFiber Lids are made of resin-infused fiberglass fabrics for durability and damage resistance, with breaking strengths in excess of 20,000 pounds. They fit most ribbed PVC and HDPE riser pipe and weigh only 11 pounds. The lid has a flat-style flange, allowing flush-to-grade installation; a cored centering ring, providing an easily aligned snug fit; and a urethane gasket to help provide a watertight seal. Lids include four 5/16-inch stainless steel flathead screws and a hex wrench. Optional insulation (2- or 4-inch) is available, which can be preinstalled at the factory or installed on site with a hardware kit. Lids have a nonskid surface with customizable center insert (for logos, etc.), along with a molded-in “caution” statement. In addition to the standard green color, they’re available in three landscape patterns — grass, river rock and bark. 800/348-9843; www.orenco.com.

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