The EZ Snap Riser from Infiltrator Water Technologies is an easy-to-assemble watertight riser system for septic tanks, pump tanks and cisterns. The modular sections and click-and-lock technology allow the riser height to be customized for any installation and create a watertight gasket-to-gasket seal. Made from polypropylene, the risers can be used with either concrete or plastic tanks and are available in 2-, 6- and 12-inch sections with a 24-inch diameter that can be nested for efficient transportation. No assembly tools, sealant/caulk or hardware is required. The slip-resistant lids are fastened using stainless steel screws and can withstand a wheel load comparable to the weight of a full-size pickup truck. The system includes a safety lid providing secondary protection if a primary riser lid is damaged or removed. 800/221-4436;

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