Here’s an easy way to contribute to NOWRA’s efforts to get greater congressional support for onsite wastewater treatment

The #WaterReuse industry needs you! Please invite your member of Congress (U.S. House of Representatives) to join the Decentralized Wastewater Recycling Congressional Caucus.

Fill out this online letter to show your support for better water management, water recycling and higher water quality oversight:

NOWRA ( is seeking to secure greater congressional support for onsite/decentralized wastewater treatment because it offers a host of economic, environmental and public health benefits to communities around the country, but has not received adequate support from either Congress or the federal agencies that have mandates to address issues facing our industry. Among their many benefits, onsite systems:

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  • Protect public health and the environment
  • Are a green technology (by any definition other than EPA)
  • Replenish groundwater supplies
  • Treat water to the same levels as municipal water treatment facilities

Read more about NOWRA’s work with the House of Representatives here.

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