Here is another short quiz to test your knowledge of operation and maintenance principles. The questions are meant to promote discussion and thought, so they might not always be straightforward with clear, well-defined answers.

1. T or F - Settling around the riser of a new septic tank may be a result of a leaking riser/tank seam and should be investigated.

2. T or F - Surface-water intrusion is a problem for all systems.

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3. T or F - Land surface depressions around a septic tank can be a problem from a stormwater infiltration perspective.

4. T or F - Presence of a patio or driveway over a drainfield restricts oxygen flow and hinders wastewater treatment.

5. T or F - A perennial flower garden is considered an encroachment on a septic system and should not be allowed.

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Answers are posted here.

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