Check out the latest product offerings for the onsite wastewater treatment industry

Franklin Electric PowerSewer System 
The redesigned FPS PowerSewer System from Franklin Electric is a low-pressure system that pumps residential and commercial wastewater to a collection or treatment area, providing an alternative to gravity sewer systems and septic tanks. The float tree is spring-loaded and easily removable, with a progressive lift handle to simplify pump removal. The system also features an isolated pump support to accommodate heavier pumps for expanded applications. 260/824-2900;

Felling Trailers I Series 
The I Series from Felling Trailers incorporates additional standard features, structural strength and ease of operator use. The design of the hitch plate area has been simplified to reduce the number of welds needed in production, adding strength in final construction. The tailboard incorporates a four-taillight LED system and a new design that offers a level transition onto rear deck boards when loading, extending deck life. An additional 2 inches added to the ramp width provides an 18-inch center gap between ramps. 800/245-2809;

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