Check out the latest product offerings for the onsite wastewater treatment industry

SJE-Rhombus NEX Series duplex control panels
The SJE-Rhombus NEX Series control panel product line includes single-phase duplex models designed to alternately control two 120, 208 or 240 VAC pumps in water and sewage applications. The alternating action equalizes pump wear. If an alarm condition occurs, a switch activates the audible and visual alarm system, providing overriding control should either pump fail. The compact design of the NEMA 4X indoor/outdoor-rated enclosure is ideal for residential water and wastewater applications. The panel is UL/cUL listed and is available with or without SJE SignalMaster control switches and elapsed time meters. 888/342-5753;

Villella Products LLC/Sewer Skewer sewer vent defroster
The Sewer Skewer from Villella Products uses copper technology and heat from the sun to free sewer vents from ice blockages that cause harmful sewer gas buildup in homes during cold weather. The copper T-pipe is dropped into any size sewer vent, and the heat from the pipe will keep the vents free of ice, even at temperatures down to 25 below zero. It can be left in year-round. 701/371-2327;

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