On Target for Onsite

Vendors at the Pumper & Cleaner Expo offer a variety of products and technologies to improve onsite treatment system performance
On Target for Onsite
Efficient, low-maintenance treatment

From entire new aerobic treatment units to accessories like sensors, tank lids and cord organizers, the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo showed attendees the latest inventions for the onsite wastewater treatment industry.

The Expo, held for the first time in Indianapolis (Feb. 27-March 1) offered 501 exhibits and attracted 8,595 attendees representing 3,875 companies in a wide range of water, wastewater, environmental service and gas and oil service industries. Here is a sampling of new products and technologies shown by vendors in the onsite wastewater sector.


New branding for septic service

A Corp/Rooter-Man has introduced the SewerMan national brand for residential septic system and sewer solutions. Services under the new brand include septic system pumping, repair and inspection, sewer jetting, and pipe lining. The new brand complements the company’s existing Rooter-Man franchising. The marketing program includes a locally optimized Internet marketing website and exclusive use of a toll-free phone number that rings directly to the franchisee. 978/667-1144; www.rooterman.com.


Pumps for varied liquids

Priming-assisted Prime Aire Plus pumps from Gorman-Rupp Co. offer venturi/compressor priming systems along with increased head and flow and enhanced maintenance features. Models in sizes up to 8 inches are suitable for clear liquids and liquids that contain large solids. Features include externally adjustable running clearances, ductile iron body and impeller, oil-lubricated bearings, and a fuel-level monitoring system. 419/755-1011; www.gormanrupp.com.


Valve monitor for even distribution

The IVM6000-LP Intelligent Valve Monitor from Dynamic Monitors confirms even distribution of primary-treated effluent to all drainfield zones and provides early detection and immediate alert for valve malfunctions. It helps prevent system overloading, environmental contaminations, permit violations and the costly repairs that can go with them. It works with all major third-party 6000 series mechanical distributing valves. 888/747-7645; www.dynamicmonitors.com.


Electronic UV disinfection monitoring

A solid-state electronic monitoring, control and alarm device enhances performance of the 3G UV disinfection unit from Salcor. The disinfection units have fouling-resistant Teflon and two-year lamps. They are designed for fast installation and low annual maintenance. 760/731-0745.


Device cord organizer

The Cord Corral organizer from Septronics keeps onsite system device cords easily accessible, strapped up, untangled, and out of the way in the tank. The hole in the organizer slips over a 2-inch pipe nipple. 888/565-8908; www.septronicsinc.com.


Efficient, low-maintenance treatment

The Platinum residential wastewater treatment system from Anua provides low power consumption and reduced maintenance. Its only moving part is a small air delivery system that needs very little electricity. It produces high-quality effluent in a small footprint and installs below ground, conserving yard space. It operates almost silently and produces no odors. 336/547-9338; www.anua-us.com.


Added support for filters

The multipurpose case adapter from Bear Onsite suits applications that require added support for effluent filters. In grease trap applications, a filter can become heavy as it filters out material. The case adapter allows installers to build support legs using common 2-inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe. These legs slip into the adapter. 901/831-5155; www.bearonsite.com.


Large tank lid for easy access

BrenLin Co. offers a 42-inch circular Seal-R plastic lid for septic tanks. The green, lightweight lids are designed to be durable and install quickly using four stainless steel lag screws that fit preformed holes. The lid allows easy access for servicing. 888/606-1998; www.seal-r.com.


Redesigned compact loader backhoes

Terramite X-Series compact loader backhoes from TerraQuip Construction Products have undergone a complete redesign affecting engines, hydraulics and styling. Units include the T5X with a 25 hp gasoline or diesel engine, 8-foot 6-inch dig depth and 2,000-pound loader lift; the T7X with a 26 hp diesel engine, 9-foot dig depth and 2,100-pound loader lift, and the T9X with a 37.5 hp diesel engine, 10-foot dig depth, and 2,300-pound loader lift. 800/428-3772; www.terramite.com.


Concealer with vent and filter

The Model 107 rock from DekoRRa Products includes an activated charcoal filter and an air vent. It is designed to conceal onsite system features including well pipes up to 18 inches tall, septic system vent pipes up to 20 inches tall, pressure vacuum breakers, and electrical outlets. The rock is 15 inches long, 14 inches wide and 23 inches high and weighs 6 pounds. 888/635-8585; www.dekorraproducts.com.


Odorless fixed-film intra-tank treatment

Ecopod Series advanced treatment units from Delta Environmental are designed to be simple to install and maintain while effectively reducing nitrogen, BOD and TSS. The odorless fixed-film systems consist of an intra-tank bioreactor than can be inserted into average-sized treatment tanks or vaults. Units treat 500 to 1,500 gpd. It is designed especially for single-family homes, cluster systems, and small to medium-sized commercial installations. 800/219-9183; www.deltaenvironmental.com.


Complete septic system treatment

PRO-PUMP TST PLUS (Total System Treatment) from Ecological Laboratories is designed to improve line flow, eliminate drain odor and restore biological action in septic tanks and drainfields with a single monthly application. It is a microbial formulation that contains no enzymes or surfactants. 800/326-7867; www.propump.com.


Compact polymer mixing system

The FPP MaxiBlend system from Fergus Power Products is an accurate, compact system for producing a completely made down solution from any type of liquid polymer. Its microprocessor-based controller is designed for precise control of polymer solution concentration. A simplified mixing process design limits moving parts and reduces maintenance. An integrated calibration tube provides flooded suction to the polymer pump, eliminating priming issues. 218/736-6772; www.ferguspowerproducts.com.


Engineered fiberglass pretreatment units

Proceptor pretreatment systems from Green Turtle Americas are designed as grease, oil and solids separators and as cost-effective holding tank systems. The distribution tee and elliptical tank create a laminar flow pattern designed not to disrupt grease and sediment layers. At full rated flow, most units can hold 45 to 50 percent of their volume in fats, oils and grease while delivering high effluent quality. 877/428-8187; www.greenturtletech.com.


Aerobic treatment in lightweight tank

The Singulair Green aerobic treatment unit from Norweco incorporates advanced aerobic treatment in a durable, watertight polyethylene tank. Weighing less than 900 pounds, it is designed for easy installation even on challenging job sites with only a backhoe. Integral support ribs ensure structural integrity while an aeration basin chamber allows bacteria to convert wastes into stable substances. Flow equalization maximizes biological oxidation and ensures 24-hour retention and treatment of all wastewater. 419/668-4471; www.norweco.com.


Low-profile septic tanks

Available in capacities from 500 to 1,500 gallons, low-profile septic tanks from Norwesco are rotationally molded with no seams. No special backfill or water filling is required during installation, and the units can be installed with six to 36 inches of cover. Tanks can be pumped dry during pumpouts. Tanks are offered in single- or dual-compartment configurations. Domed lids add structural strength. 800/328-3420; www.norwesco.com.


Vehicle wash and wastewater treatment

PIT BOSS treatment formulation from One Biotechnology is designed to help treat water from vehicle cleaning operations as well as wastewaters containing petroleum and its byproducts, organics, and pollutants from detergents. It is a blend of concentrated live vegetative, naturally occurring bacteria with metabolically versatile cultures chosen for their ability to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons. 800/951-4246; www.1biotechnology.com.


Reliable digital pump activation

The Pro Series Ultimate Sensor from PHCC provides reliable on-off pump operation by using Triac digital switches proven in high-power applications such as microwave ovens and toasters. In operation, an embedded computer sends a signal down the 3.5-inch sensor rod. When the water level touches the rod, the signal gets absorbed and modified. When the controller receives the modified signal from the sensor, it powers the digital Triac circuit, activating the pump. 800/991-0466; www.stopflooding.com.


In-field sand tester

The Spec-Check system from Presby Environmental allows onsite system installers to check and verify the quality of sand for mound systems or filters in a few minutes in the field. It includes a set of concentric screens in a cylindrical container, along with simple measuring devices. A simple series of manual tests allow users to determine the percentage of fines in a sand sample and determine whether the material was delivered as specified. 800/473-5298; www.presbyenvironmental.com.


System programming via laptop

The EZ Series In-Site CL data logging control panel from SJE-Rhombus quickly connects to a laptop computer for system programming, monitoring and reporting. A programming screen lets users establish pumps and sensor settings and control panel parameters. A daily events screen provides a graphical display of what is happening with the system. A daily flow screen summarizes gallons flowing through the system. 800/342-5753; www.sjerhombus.com.


Water pipe thawing device

The ThawMaster 3000 system from ArcticHeat thaws frozen water pipes without using steam or water. It works on 1/2- to 2-inch pex, poly, PVC, copper and steel pipe. The heating device travels up the line on a push cable (150 feet supplied). The heating element has a Type K thermocouple. The control panel has a durable frame, carrying handle, and digital temperature readout. The temperature is preset at 130 degrees F at the factory but can be raised or lowered by the user. 800/846-0309; www.arcticheatltd.com.


Flat lid for septic tanks

Tuf-Tite offers a 20-inch circular heavy-duty multipurpose flat riser lid that fits most commercially available risers. The unit includes a molded-in, permanent gasket made of polyurethane. The cover is secured by eight vertical and two horizontal safety screws. The center is designed to hold 60 pounds of concrete for added safety. The lid can be insulated to R10. 800/382-7009; www.tuf-tite.com.


Screen for pump protection

The 15- by 48-inch pump screen from SIM/TECH FILTER protects pumps with a 1/8-inch perforated polypropylene mesh and comes with a built-in float tree bracket. The unit weighs less than 16 pounds, but the base accepts concrete for extra weight if needed. The mesh provides more that 850 square inches of open area with more than 69,000 1/8-inch round holes. 888/999-3290; www.gag-simtech.com.


Treatment for homes and clusters

The MicroFAST treatment unit from Bio-Microbics (shown in a tank from Infiltrator Systems) processes wastewater from homes, clusters of homes or small communities. A remote-mounted aboveground blower, the system’s only moving part, adds air to the treatment module to facilitate robust circulation of water through the media’s channeled flow path. Fixed-film media provides a high surface-to-volume ratio for microbe growth during low, average or peak usage. 800/753-3278; www.biomicrobics.com.


Treatment for residential/commercial clusters

AdvanTex AX-Max treatment systems (scale model shown at right) from Orenco Systems accommodate flows to 1 mgd. These modular, fully plumbed units are sized for commercial or residential developments. The system is built in a lightweight, watertight, insulated fiberglass tank and can be installed singly or in multi-tank arrays. A control room is optional. On domestic wastewater, the system produces effluent with about 5 mg/L CBOD/TSS. The unit can be designed to meet strict nutrient limits or reuse standards. 800/348-9843; www.orenco.com.


Compact, expandable gas monitor

The GX 2012 confined-space multi-gas monitor from RKI Instruments weighs 12.3 ounces. It uses micro-sensor technology to measure oxygen, methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide, and a fifth sensor can be added. The detector includes glove-friendly large buttons and high-impact protective rubber covering. It uses an easy-read automatic backlight during alarms and is powered by lithium-ion or alkaline batteries. 800/754-5165; www.rkiinstruments.com.


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