Septic Tanks and Components

Septic Tanks and Components
Durable septic tanks

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Durable septic tanks

Ace Roto-Mold 1,500-gallon septic tanks from Den Hartog Industries are designed to be safe and durable and are manufactured with rigorous quality controls. The horizontal-flow, single- or double-compartment units are made to be installed up to 36 inches below ground. Tanks feature a circumferential ribbing and interior baffle system to sustain external pressures of up to 500 psf. They have two access openings sealed to the tank with rubber gaskets.

A custom-molded gasket system locks firm for a watertight seal. Tanks are available plumbed in accordance with state or county specifications. Tanks and access covers are made of high-density polyethylene with UV stabilizers. Double-walled access covers interlock with the tank body using three bayonet keys. The lid design locks in place with nylon ties. The tanks have been tested by NSF to meet the IAPMO Z1000 and CAN/CSA-B-66 standards. 800/342-3408;


Filter manifold

The 3-Filter Manifold from Bear Onsite allows three ML3-9XX series or ML2-9XX series effluent filters to be installed and serviced within a 24-inch riser assembly. Cases and cartridges can be tightly clustered using a 4-inch SCH 40 PVC cross, allowing a maintenance plate to be inserted into each case to shut off flow, or allowing each filter cartridge to be removed for cleaning, while still leaving room to pump and service the tank. The configuration allows for increased flow needed for higher-capacity systems and extends intervals between service calls. 877/653-4586;


Effluent filter

The SaniTEE effluent filter from Bio-Microbics prevents floatables, FOG and solids from leaving the septic tank.

By promoting natural sedimentation and allowing the solids to slough back into the septic tank instead of collecting inside the filter housing, the unit resists blinding and clogging. Slip-in installation, clean-in-place maintenance with swabbing handles, angled slots, and keyhole weirs help deliver consistent flow. The filter is available in 4-, 8- and 16-inch diameters and fits residential, commercial and stormwater applications. 800/753-3278;


Gravity filters

Gravity effluent filters from Clarus Environmental come standard with integrated bypass protection, and a secondary screen that continues to protect the outlet when the primary filter is removed for cleaning. The filters are available in residential and commercial sizes. 800/928-7867;


Lightweight lids

Septic lids from Hedstrom Plastics are made of green, heavy-wall polyethylene and fit standard 18- and 24-inch double-wall corrugated pipe (not included). The lightweight lids can be customized with company names. Covers can be filled with sand on site for added weight. Gaskets and safety hardware are included and foam-filled lids are available. Tank adapters are available in 18- and 24-inch sizes. Safety nets are available. 800/765-9665;


40,000-gallon tanks

Crest Precast 40,000-gallon precast tanks can be used as septic, pump, recirculation or holding tanks. A concrete mix incorporates Xypex additive for watertightness and corrosion resistance. Various access manhole sizes are offered and tanks can be outfitted with aluminum hatch doors. The tanks are heavy and resist flotation. They can accept piping layouts to fit the site requirements without extra cost. 800/658-9045;


Injection-molded tank

The durable IM-1060 tank from Infiltrator Systems is injection-molded for high strength in septic, pump or rainwater applications. Each tank half features a mid-seam joint that accepts an engineered EPDM gasket, creating a watertight structural tank. The lightweight, two-piece design makes the tank easy to transport and store. The tank halves are permanently fastened before installation using a series of non-corrosive plastic alignment dowels and locking seam clips.

Structurally reinforced access ports eliminate distortion during installation and pumpouts while reinforced structural ribbing and fiberglass bulkheads offer additional strength. The tank can be installed with 6 to 48 inches of cover and can be pumped dry. It has a working capacity of 1,094 gallons and is suitable for non-potable water collection and a range of applications, including shallow installation and multiple-tank configurations. The tank is available with the company’s custom-fit risers and heavy-duty lids. 800/221-4436;


Tank manufacturing

Hydra-Strip molds from Norwalk Precast Molds are available as one- and two-piece designs for a variety of applications. The system quickly and easily lifts the casting from the mold every time. The quality of the casting is increased and the life expectancy of the mold is prolonged. Easy to clean and maintain, the molds reduce labor costs, lowering the time to strip a mold to as little as five minutes using one person. The two-piece mold set includes custom cast-in tees, baffles and compartment walls as integrated components. The process can also be used to collapse the core of the mold, enabling users to cast multiple-sized tanks. 800/251-8409;


Wastewater management

The Bio-Kinetic wastewater management system (Model BK 2000) from Norweco improves the performance and operating life of new and existing septic tanks, aerobic systems, leachfields, sand filters, mounds, constructed wetlands, grease traps and oil interceptors. Using advanced treatment methods, the unit protects domestic treatment plants from hydraulic surges and solids washout without the use of electricity and with no moving parts. With three filtration zones and nine settling zones, the system converts septic tanks, tile fields, sand filters and other conventional treatment devices into an advanced treatment solution.

The unit uses six flow equalization ports to use upstream tank capacity, managing all heavy-use periods and hydraulic surges. With an unlimited design and installation flexibility, the unit serves a variety of applications. Installation is completed in a few hours. It combines filtration, solids retention and removal, flow equalization, optional chemical disinfection and simple maintenance for long-term performance. 800/667-9326;


Low-profile tanks

Low-profile, seamless septic tanks from Norwesco are available in 500-, 750-, 1,000-, 1,250- and 1,500-gallon capacities. The one-piece construction adds strength, eliminates leakage and requires no assembly, no special backfill, and no water-filling. 800/328-3420;


Tank adapter

The PRTA24-2 tank adapter from Orenco Systems quickly and easily casts into a concrete tank. The wide outer flange rests on the concrete so that the adapter is always set to the correct depth. The inner rib locks the adapter into the concrete for a sturdy tank-to-adapter connection. The adapter requires a single bead of adhesive in the riser channel to provide a watertight joint between the adapter and a 24-inch riser pipe, with no need for additional adhesive joints. 800/348-9843;


Risers and lids

Access risers and lids from Quanics provide easy access to septic tanks, dosing tanks and the company’s basin assemblies. An interlocking design and neoprene gaskets reduce water intrusion. The material is UV protected. Stainless steel tamper-resistant screws help prevent unauthorized entry. Units are available in 22-, 26-, 30- and 36-inch diameters for concrete and fiberglass tanks. 877/782-6427;


Septic lids

RotoSolutions 24-inch septic lids are weight-rated for 3,500 pounds. They are made of heavy-duty roto-molded plastic that is lightweight and easy to install as a replacement for concrete covers. 800/868-0973;


Pressure filter

The STF-100A2 pressure filter from SIM/TECH FILTER helps maintain proper and efficient year-round operation of mounds, sand filters and other pressurized distribution systems. The filter also can be used for prefiltration for drip irrigation systems to reduce maintenance. The low headloss (0.21 psi) unit mounts on the discharge side of an effluent pump, preventing plugged holes and reducing effluent TSS. The mounting location extends the time between servicing.

The vortex action created by the pump scrubs the screen. Backflow through the filter after the pump shuts off washes debris back out of the filter. The 2-inch filter can handle flow rates up to 83.3 gpm. The 2-inch filters in manifold can be designed to handle almost any flow rate or load. Larger 3- and 4-inch filters are also available. The standard screen filters to 1/16 inch and optional stocks allow for additional filtration to 600 microns (0.024 inch), 190 microns (0.007 inch) or 100 microns (0.004 inch). 888/999-3290;


Buried tanks

Dominator low-profile septic tanks from Snyder Industries can be buried without water for ballast and strength and can be backfilled with trash-free and free-flowing native soils. The tanks also can be used as holding tanks, and pump tank versions are available. They are available in capacities of 750, 900, 1,050, 1,250 and 1,500 gallons. Cistern versions are available in 1,200- and 1,700-gallon capacities. 402/467-5221;


Fiberglass riser covers

Non-skid, kelp green fiberglass septic riser covers from TOPP Industries fit most 24-inch-diameter risers and corrugated pipe. The non-corrosive lightweight covers can withstand a 2,500-pound wheel load. The built-in cover gasket provides a watertight and gas tight seal. The covers are maintenance-free and impact-resistant and provide uniformity, dimensional accuracy and stability. Bolt holes are pre-drilled for quick and easy assembly with stainless steel hardware included.

The covers fit the company’s risers and Ultra-Rib, spiral and poly tubes. Risers are available in 24- and 6-inch heights with 6-inch extensions available. Covers can be customized with company name and logo. 800/354-4534;


Watertight risers

Watertight, stackable risers from Tuf-Tite are available in 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-inch diameters for septic tanks, advanced treatment plants and cisterns. Lids have a molded-in gasket that will not fall out and seals tight. All lids can be filled with concrete, padlocked and secured with vertical and horizontal safety screws (included). Lids fit concrete, plastic or fiberglass tanks. 800/382-7009;


Heavy-duty tanks

Extra-heavy-duty precast tanks from Wieser Concrete are designed for HS20 truck-traffic rating with openings, boots, interior walls, and baffles that can be customized depending on the application. The tanks have many applications and provide storage for water, grease, septage and stormwater storage and treatment. They can withstand 12 feet of cover-bury depth and are fabricated for high-groundwater conditions. Tank setting is available. 800/325-8456;


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