System Repair/Drainfield Rejuvenation

System Repair/Drainfield Rejuvenation

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Aerobic Treatment Units from Aero-Stream are robust systems that allow a variety of tank configurations from virtually any tank manufacturer. The process incorporates extended aeration in a three-chamber design. Air is provided by a durable and efficient UL-corded compressor, allowing the units to be installed remotely from the tank near a power outlet.

The system includes the Aero-Alert self-contained power cell alarm, which monitors compressor health and high-water events. The low-voltage alarm system contains a high-efficiency flashing LED and a piezo-electric 96 dBA audible alarm that can emit a continuous alarm for more than 60 days. 877/254-7093;

Drainfield restoration

Septic-Scrub drainfield flow restorer from Arcan Enterprises is a chemical treatment that oxidizes sulfides and releases oxygen into the drainfield. The process is similar to letting the system rest, but works faster, according to the supplier. The environmentally friendly treatment is added between the septic tank and the drainfield and can be used for preventive maintenance. System use does not need to be restricted during treatment. 888/352-7226;

ATU tanks

FAST Systems from Bio-Microbics are aerobic treatment units for new construction or existing tanks. The systems work with polyethylene, fiberglass, injection-molded, copolymer polypropylene, steel or concrete (precast or poured) tanks. Simple to install and maintain, the Fixed Integrated Treatment Technology (FITT) allows robust aerobic treatment and fits inside most watertight tanks.

The systems create an optimized environment with consistent aeration and mixing throughout the media for maximum biomass generation. They can withstand periods of high and low input. They are complete packages for specific applications and can reduce drainfield size, eliminate the need for a drainfield, repair failed fields, and reduce soil depth requirements. Systems also can remove nitrogen and allow effluent to be released into environmentally sensitive areas, or enable water reuse. 800/753-3278;

Compact treatment units

Compact, lightweight Envirocycle G7 series treatment units are inexpensive to buy, install and operate. They require no extra trash or dose tanks. The treated wastewater digests biomat and unclogs failed soil treatment beds. The units require no preventive maintenance and are safe for drip tube dispersal. 888/694-4633;

Cart jetters

O'Brien cart jetters from Hi-Vac Corp. clean up to 8-inch residential and commercial sewer lines. An optional lateral cleaning kit allows users to leave the engine outside the building while cleaning an inside line. An automatic throttle valve enables the engine to respond to water usage, revving up to increase flow and idling down to reduce noise, pump and engine wear.

The 1220-J electric jetter cleans 4-inch or smaller lines, while the 2511-J has an 11 hp electric-start gasoline engine and triplex pump that delivers 4 gpm at 3,000 psi. The 13 hp 2513-J jetter has a manual-start gasoline engine and triplex pump that delivers 4.8 gpm at 3,000 psi. 800/752-2400;

Cold pressure washer

Steam Jenny direct-drive cold pressure washers from Jenny Products provide a compact, economical alternative to belt-driven models while yielding the performance of commercial-grade units. The units are powered by 9 hp or 13 hp Honda GX Series engines and use a triplex ceramic plunger pump. Pressure ratings range from 3,000 to 4,000 psi and flow rates from 3 to 4 gpm. Flow and pressure can be customized.

Standard features include thermal pump protection, an unloader valve, and a high-pressure relief valve to prevent damage to the pump. To protect the engine, the unit is automatically shut down if low oil levels are detected. The chassis is made with powder-coated 7-gauge steel for durability. 814/445-3400;

Aerobic treatment in lightweight tank

The Singulair Green aerobic wastewater treatment system from Norweco incorporates advanced aerobic treatment in a durable, watertight polyethylene tank. Effluent can be safely returned to the environment by ground absorption or surface discharge. The unit is designed for new or retrofit applications and easy installation even with only a backhoe. Integral support ribs and a strong arch shape ensure structural integrity and reliable performance. The system is NSF certified and designed for domestic wastewater flows up to 600 gpd. 419/668-4471;

Four-in-one design

AdvanTex AX-RT treatment systems from Orenco Systems are designed for system repair and rehabilitation. Units can be installed after a functional, watertight septic tank and produce reuse-quality effluent. All interior components are pre-plumbed, installed and adjusted at the factory. The four-in-one design includes recirculation, treatment, disinfection and discharge, simplifying installation and eliminating additional tanks, basins, risers and lids.

The UV disinfection unit is optional and is protected within the unit. It uses no chemicals, has no moving parts, and needs only annual cleaning and every-other-year bulb replacement. Filters and textile media are accessible and cleanable. Panels are touch-safe, and no blowers are needed. 800/348-9843;

Advanced secondary treatment

Ecoflo Biofilter high-performance advanced secondary treatment from Premier Tech Aqua is light, robust and easy to handle. The system uses organic natural filtering media. Designed for all climates, the system can restore drainfields with biomat buildup. Installed between an existing septic tank and drainfield, the system reduces the organic load. 800/632-6356;

Pressure filter

The STF-100A2 pressure filter from SIM/TECH FILTER helps maintain proper year-round operation of mounds, sand filters and other pressurized distribution systems. It can be used for prefiltration for drip irrigation. The low headloss (0.21 psi) unit mounts on the discharge side of an effluent pump, preventing plugged holes and reducing effluent TSS. The mounting location extends the time between servicing.

The vortex action created by the pump scrubs the screen. Backflow through the filter after the pump shuts off washes debris back out of the filter. The 2-inch filter can handle flow rates up to 83.3 gpm. The 2-inch filters in the manifold can be designed to handle almost any flow rate or load. Larger 3- and 4-inch filters are available. The standard screen filters to 1/16 inch, and optional stocks allow for additional filtration to 600 microns (0.024 inch), 190 microns (0.007 inch) or 100 microns (0.004 inch). 888/999-3290;

Cart-mounted hydrojetter

The Model 727 cart-mounted hydrojetter from Spartan Tool is available in a hybrid version that runs on gasoline or propane, allowing operation indoors or outdoors with no loss of pressure or flow. It is suited for jetting septic system lines and drainfields and produces 3,000 psi, adequate to scour 6-inch lines with 4 gpm flow.

Pulse technology reduces line friction so that the unit reaches the corners of drainfields, while 200 feet of 9/16-inch hose provides enough length to get the unit through most fields in one shot. Standard equipment includes 75 feet of 3/16-inch trap hose for tight bends, seven nozzles, a washdown wand with adjustable nozzle, jetting gloves, easy winterization for cold climates, and an electric-start motor. 800/435-3866;

Flow control unit

The Speed Leveler from Tuf-Tite is a one-piece component that allows installers to control flow or rest a line. Users can rest one or more of the outlets by rotating the unit so that the 2-inch non-concentric hole is at the top of the outlet pipe, not allowing any effluent to pass. This rests the line, allowing that portion of the drainfield to restore. 800/382-7009;


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