Injection-molded, two-piece tank captures Expo interest

Injection-molded, two-piece tank captures Expo interest
Jim Bransfield (right), marketing manager for Infiltrator Systems, explains features of the IM-1060 septic tank to Expo guests. (Photo by Ed Wodalski)

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Something old, something new was the theme for Infiltrator Systems at the 2013 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo. On display was the IM-1060 injection-molded polypropylene septic tank, while talk focused on the soon-to-be-released IM-540.

“We had graphics of the [IM-540] tank and displays of the tank, but we did not have an actual tank,” says Jim Bransfield, marketing manager for Infiltrator Systems. Feedback on both tanks focused on their injection-molded, two-piece construction.

Bransfield says visitors he talked to at the Expo were a mix of installation companies and distributors of other technologies. “It was a combination, and we’ve been able to turn it into some excellent projects and work.”

Last year’s successful show launch of the IM-1060 convinced Infiltrator to convert its entire 1,000-gallon septic tank line from single-piece rotomolded to two-piece injection-molded units. “That’s really the value proposition of this tank,” he says. “You’re able to put the plastic and the wall thickness in the places you need structure. So we’re able to use higher strength plastics, as compared to rotomolded tanks, and then we can put structural ribs and design elements in the tanks.”

Like its larger brother, the 500-gallon IM-540, introduced this summer, features heavy-duty green lids that interconnect with custom-fit TW risers. The lids are rated for a light traffic load of 6,000 pounds per axle. “But we don’t encourage driving over any septic system at any time,” Bransfield says. Safety features include a locking screw fastener. “We also recommend a padlock method that you can drill through the lid.”

Structurally reinforced 24-inch access ports eliminate distortion during installation and pumpouts. The tanks can be installed with 6 to 48 inches of cover and pumped dry during pumpouts.
Suitable for use as a pump tank, trash tank or rainwater (non-potable) tank, the IM-540 can be paired with the IM-1060 as the second compartment of an in-series septic tank. No special installation, backfill or water filling is required of either tank.

Both tanks have a mid-seam EPDM rubber gasket, the same gasket used in sewer pipes. The seam is permanently fastened using a series of noncorrosive plastic alignment dowels and locking clips for a watertight seal.

“We’ve produced over 20,000 of these tanks and in many markets we’re required to vacuum test every tank we sell, and we’ve had zero failure on the gaskets themselves,” he says. “When they do fail, it’s incorrect assembly or application.”

The IM-1060 has a working capacity of 1,070 gallons and total capacity of 1,247 gallons. It has 0.2-inch (5.1mm) walls, is 127 inches long, 62.2 inches wide, 54.7 inches tall and weighs 320 pounds.

The IM-540 has a total capacity of 552 gallons and 476-gallon septic working capacity. It is 64.9 inches long, 61.7 inches wide, 54.6 inches tall and weighs 169 pounds. Expected to complete the injection-molded line is a 1,500-gallon tank, scheduled for release in January.

“A lot of the show for us is really meeting with our existing customer base,” Bransfield says. “The last few years we’ve actually been able to leverage international contacts at the show, and we’ve had pretty good luck with that.”  800/221-4436;


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