Pumping and Onsite System Maintenance

By adding tools, such as vacuum trucks and trailers, pumps and hose, septic system installers can add pumping and system maintenance to their service menu. Here are several products designed to help installers expand their offerings, and their revenue.
Pumping and Onsite System Maintenance
Septic/grease vacuum tank

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Vacuum Trucks/Chassis and Tanks

  Septic/grease vacuum tank

The 4,000-gallon aluminum Matador septic/grease vacuum tank from Amthor International comes standard with a 5/16-inch-thick side shell and floor, full head baffles and no external rings. It is available as a dumping tank with or without full-opening rear doors, as well as with off-road construction options for various applications. Various pump models are available. 800/328-6633; www.amthorinternational.com.

  4,000-gallon vacuum truck

Vacuum trucks from Best Enterprises are built on a 2014 Kenworth chassis and using a 4,000-gallon stainless steel tank. Features include a 6-inch dump valve with heated collar; two stainless steel toolboxes; a 20-inch stainless steel manway; a 36-inch rear stainless steel manway; strobe lights; a heated coil in the water compartment; a Moro PM110 600 cfm liquid-cooled vacuum pump; a DC10 MTH water pump with low-pressure hose reel; back-up camera with 5-inch LCD display; stainless steel ladder; vane flush kit; LED DOT lights; PTO with angle-drive system; outside switch box for lights, vacuum pump and water pump; LED stop/turn taillights and sealed-bulb backup lights; heavy-duty bumper with receiver-style trailer hitch with a seven-way plug; three 5-inch sight glasses; two 3-inch suction inlets; and a 2-inch bucket dump. 800/288-2378; www.bestenterprises.net.

  Positive-displacement vacuum truck

The HV55 HydroVax from GapVax is constructed from ASTM A572-Grade 50 steel, and has a 12.5-cubic-yard debris body and water tank options ranging from 400 to 1,400 gallons. Features include a positive displacement vacuum pump rated at 5,250 cfm with 28 inches Hg, prolonging the life of the filter bags and eliminating the threat of material entering the vacuum pump. The tailgate is fully opening with a field-adjustable hinge and dual cylinders and also has four fail-safe, individually adjustable locks that assure a complete seal. Options include a cold-weather recirculation package, sludge pump, auger unloading system, body pressurization system, remote pendants and wireless remotes, a high rail package and stainless steel body. 888/442-7829; www.gapvax.com.

  Aluminum vacuum trailer

MRK6000 Series aluminum vacuum trailers from Imperial Industries come standard with a 6,000-gallon aluminum tank (6,300-gallon units are available). They feature full-length aluminum hose trays, external ribs, three topside 20-inch aluminum manways, a 12-inch primary with a 4-inch air line, a 4-inch intake and 6-inch discharge, LED running lights, a Henderson INTRAAX AAT 25K suspension, leveling height control, an air-ride suspension, Haldex slack adjusters and optional full-length catwalk with hand rails. 800/558-2945; www.imperialind.com.

  Combination unit

The 3300 combo unit from Ledwell features a choice of vacuum systems, along with a large number of options. It features an ASME/DOT 412 rating, full-opening hydraulically operated rear door, a 20-inch top manway with ladder and platform, a three-stage hydraulically operated front tank hoist, a 6-inch air-operated rear discharge, a 4-inch rear-mounted intake valve, bolt-in interior baffles, a hydraulically operated liquid or air-cooled vacuum pump, rear-mounted liquid level indicator, rear-mounted adjustable hose hooks and pressure off-load capability. Additional features include a hydraulically operated transfer pump, variable vacuum pump capability, multicompartment capability, high-pressure wash-down option, top mounted hydraulic boom and a tri-axle body design. 888/533-9355; www.ledwell.com.

  Versatile truck chassis

The 338 Model truck chassis from Hino Motor Sales U.S.A. is suited for vacuum service applications at a gross vehicle weight of 33,000 pounds. It is equipped with a Hino 8L J08 engine rated at 260 hp and 660 ft-lbs of torque, and backed by a five-year, 250,000-mile warranty with three years of free roadside assistance. It has an 80,000 psi standard frame, with a 120,000 psi frame optional. It comes standard with an Allison 2500 RDS transmission with shift energy management, while an Allison 3000 RDS is optional. Other options include power heated driver and passenger side mirrors and INSIGHT, Hino’s telematics program. 248/699-9300; www.hino.com.

  Pressure/vacuum trailer

Mid-State Tank/Arthur Custom Tank manufacture aluminum pressure/vacuum trailers in various capacities. A popular model is the 7,600-gallon tri-axle unit with airlift on the rear axle, available with or without a pump. Units can be manufactured to satisfy a variety of vacuum requirements. 800/722-8384; www.midstatetank.com.

  PTO-driven vacuum system truck

The MD3200 steel service module vacuum truck from Satellite Industries features a PTO-driven vacuum system for pumping waste, with a four-way valve for pressure off-loading and unplugging lines. Its right-angle gearbox, Woods-style coupler and driveline keys help prevent drivetrain damage in case of overflow or pump failure. Preset fast idle control protects the pump from unintentional over-speeding. Vacuum and pressure relief valves are installed to prevent tank or pump damage. The automatic pump-oiling system needs no adjusting, and a clear poly remote oil reservoir allows for easy viewing of the oil level to help prevent pump damage caused by oil starvation. A Masport HXL400WV water-cooled pump with pressure dump and PTO with torque overload protection comes standard. 800/328-3332; www.satelliteindustries.com.

  Industrial vacuum truck

Industrial vacuum trucks from V & H Inc. feature Sterling chassis and 2,500-gallon Imperial Industries steel tanks with a Masport 350 cfm HXL15 pump and 3- and 6-inch brass lever valves. The discharge is mounted on a four-bolt flange, which makes it easier to change to piston valve with air cylinder. The tank has aluminum hose trays, which help with corrosion issues, rear work lights for working in low daylight hours and an aluminum toolbox. It has a Cat engine and Fuller six-speed transmission with tilt steering wheel which makes it easier for different size drivers, cruise control, A/C and heated mirrors. 800/826-2308; www.vhtrucks.com.

Vacuum Pumps

  Commercial-duty vacuum system

The Eliminator Package Model ELIM A-SM from Fruitland Manufacturing offers liquid waste haulers a commercial-duty vacuum system designed to reduce cost and downtime. It includes a heavy-duty mounting bracket, gearbox, coupler, 99.9 percent efficient oil-catch muffler, pressure and vacuum relief valves and secondary shut-off designed to be serviced in the field. It also features Fruitland’s RCF500 LUF commercial-duty vacuum pump that offers low oil consumption, including an automated oiling system with only steel lines, vane gauging ports, antishock design, three primary cooling phases, integral air-intake filter, designed to work both on vacuum and pressure. 800/663-9003; www.fruitlandmanufacturing.com.

  Dual fan-cooled vacuum pump

The Jurop RVC360 vacuum pump from CEI – Chandler Equipment Inc. is available in multiple drive configurations, which include either gearbox, hydraulic or belt drive. It operates at 72 dBA while producing 18 inches Hg. It has a recommended input speed of 1,100 to 1,300 rpm, with an output of 360 cfm at free air and 332 cfm at 18 inches Hg. 800/342-0887; www.chandlerequipment.com.

  Heavy-duty fan-cooled pump

The VK650 from Masport is a fan-cooled pump capable of 377 cfm, 20 psi continuous duty, and 23 inches Hg continuous-duty vacuum. The pump also includes an integrated stainless steel air filter to protect the pump, as well as an integrated 1-gallon oil tank. The four-way integral valve has bolt-on 3-inch NPT flanges to help ease of installation, as well as a posi-lock handle for secure positioning. Heavy-duty bearings, automatic oil pump, cushioned spring washer end thrust protection and carbon fiber vanes ensure superior pump life. 800/228-4510; www.masportpump.com.

  Fan-cooled vacuum pump

The PM80T from Moro USA is a continuous-duty dual fan-cooled vacuum pump capable of 29 psi positive and a continuous vacuum of 24 inches Hg, with a flow rate of 350 cfm capable of pumping nonvolatile liquids and sludge from long distances. It features industrial-duty bearings, Viton seals and a 1,100 rpm rotating speed. It doesn’t require a liquid cooling system, as dual cooling fans keep it operating efficiently. It includes an integrated check valve, change-over valve and oiling system allowing for ease-of-use and installation, and has 3-inch hose connections. It is available in preassembled pump packages complete with stand, secondary, oil catch and drive, gearbox, hydraulic, pulley or engine driven. 800/383-6304; www.morousa.com.


  Industrial vacuum hose

MG-Series vacuum hose from Flexaust is flexible, lightweight and chemical resistant, making it suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Available in PVC and polyurethane versions, or blended thermoplastic elastomers, this all-purpose hose is reinforced with a vinyl-coated spring-steel wire helix and is available with plain ends or cuffs. Featuring a smooth interior, it comes in 3/4- to 4-inch I.D. sizes and the PVC version (MG-V) standard color is gray with custom colors optional. It operates from 29 inches Hg to 15 psi, at -10 to 160 degrees F. 800/343-0428; www.flexaust.com.

  Material handling hose

Tigerflex Amphibian AMPH Series heavy-duty polyurethane-lined wet or dry material handling hose from Kuriyama of America resists internal wear, especially in the hose bends. It is extremely flexible, with a convoluted cover and “Cold-Flex” materials that resist kinking and promote flexibility in subzero temperatures. It is oil and UV resistant, and can be used for fly ash collection, hydroexcavation, industrial vacuum equipment, rock, gravel, sand and crushed concrete vacuuming, sewer truck boom hose and slurry handling. 847/755-0360; www.kuriyama.com.


  Stubby valves

The VSFMT220SS from Banjo Corp. is a 2-inch full port stainless steel stubby valve and features 100 percent PTFE ball seats. Its compact design has all TFE seals with no elastomers and a 1,000 psi maximum pressure. A 2-inch FP male adapter will fit with the 2-inch NPT stainless steel stubby valve. 765/362-7367; www.banjocorp.com.

  Six-bolt ball valve

Six-bolt ball valves from Green Leaf Inc. are precision molded in polypropylene and reinforced with fiberglass for additional strength. The self-aligning ball moves freely against Teflon seats for smooth operation. The valve opens and closes with little pressure on the handle. The ball is diamond turned after molding to make it spherically perfect, which provides precise contact between ball and seats. Valves feature stainless steel bolts, Viton O-rings and Teflon self-lubricating stem bushings and seats that cannot stick or bind. Sizes range from 2 to 3 inches, with a maximum operating pressure of 65 psi at 150 degrees F. They are available in full or standard port design. 800/654-9808; www.green-leaf.us.


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