Going Big

The curtain is raised on large-capacity two-piece Infiltrator Systems tank.
Going Big
Jim Bransfield, left, director of marketing for Infiltrator Systems, and Carl Thompson, right, vice president of sales and marketing, pull the cover off a new IM-1530 tank at the 2014 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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Infiltrator Systems officially unveiled the IM-1530 large capacity, injection-molded two-piece plastic tank at the 2014 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International in February.

“This is the biggest tank we’ve ever made,” says Jim Bransfield, director of marketing for Infiltrator Systems. “It essentially follows the same design as our other tank models, and is produced from recycled material.”

According to Bransfield, the IM-1530 provides exceptional strength in a two-piece design that efficiently nests for shipping and allows for local assembly. A versatile design creates a wide range of installation options, including shallow, multiple and serial tank configurations. The new product replaces Infiltrator’s TW-1250 and TW-1500 tanks, and falls in line with the company’s conversion from single-piece rotomolded to two-piece injection-molded units.

“One of the biggest strengths of this design is its shipping efficiency,” says Bransfield. “Because the two halves can nest together, it can be shipped efficiently anywhere in North America. That feature allows us to service a huge area in a cost-effective way.”

The IM tank line also includes the IM-1060, which was introduced at the 2012 Expo, and the IM-540, which was introduced in concept at the 2013 show. According to Bransfield, the IM-1530 rollout enables the company to provide an appropriately sized product for all single-family residential applications. 

“This tank finishes out the line for us,” says Bransfield. “These tanks have the plastic and wall thickness in the places where structure is needed.”

All IM tanks feature integrated heavy-duty lids designed to work with Infiltrator’s TW Riser System, structurally reinforced access ports, reinforced structural ribbing and fiberglass support posts to provide additional strength. Inboard lifting lugs are designed for easy handling and delivery. No special installation, backfill or water filling is required. The IM-1530 can be installed with 6 to 48 inches of cover, and can be pumped dry during pumpouts.

“This tank is a great fit for large-family residential homes,” says Bransfield. “It is designed for homes that have four bedrooms or more, and with construction of those types of homes on the upswing nationwide, we’re excited to get this tank on the market.”

The IM-1530 has a working capacity of 1,509 gallons and total capacity of 1,765 gallons. It has 0.2-inch walls, is 176 inches long, 62 inches wide, 55 inches tall and weighs 501 pounds. It is suitable for use as a septic tank, pump tank or rainwater (non-potable) tank.

“It is our hope as a company to be able to convert all our tank sales to our IM Series,” says Bransfield. “It was a huge undertaking for our company to convert to these two-piece mid-seam tanks, and we’re very excited with not only the quality of the product itself, but also the feedback we’ve gotten on them.”

As for the future, Bransfield says Infiltrator technicians are already working on ways to expand the company’s technology into other sectors of the industry.

“We have a mission of creating new tanks and bigger tanks,” he says. “We ultimately want to apply our technology to other market opportunities.” 800/221-4436; www.infiltratorsystems.com.


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