Using A Blast Of Air To Rejuvenate A Failing Septic System

Septic Services Retro-Air system is designed to breathe new life into aging drainfields or ensure new systems continue to work properly.
Using A Blast Of Air To Rejuvenate A Failing Septic System
Mike Holdmeyer, sales manager for Septic Services Inc., explains how the company’s new Retro-Air Rejuvenator System operates to a family attending the 2014 Pumper & Cleaner Expo.

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The Retro-Air Rejuvenator System, shown at the 2014 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International, is designed to bring life back to failing systems with the potential of saving homeowners from expensive repairs or system replacements. The drainfield rejuvenation system uses the aerobic process to restore failed anaerobic installations, or to prevent failures in newly constructed septic systems, by delivering a constant flow of air to the diffuser, adding dissolved oxygen to the tank.

“This product is designed to prevent the soil in the absorption field from being clogged by buildup of the biomat, which can prevent much more surfacing down the road,” says Dave Flagg, Septic Services Inc. president. “The Retro-Air delivers dissolved oxygen and aerobic bacteria to the absorption field, which will eliminate the biomat over time, keeping the system working correctly.”  

If not treated, biomat can build up in the absorption field, clogging pores in the soil and causing sewage to rise to the surface of the ground. If allowed to continue, sewage can back up into the house. The Retro-Air delivers dissolved oxygen and aerobic bacteria to the absorption field. Over time, the aerobic bacteria consume the biomat, allowing the soil to absorb effluent once again.

“The development of this product was a direct result of our customers telling us what they needed,” says Flagg. “We consider it an investment to ensure that the system continues to operate at a high level.”

Retro-Air is designed for 500- to 2,000-gallon tanks, and can be installed in single or multiple compartment septic tanks. The kit is available in four models with aerator pod, airline, diffuser and float assembly, and installation manual.

“We introduced this product to the market for the first time at the 2014 Expo after testing it in various septic systems for three years,” says Flagg. “It passed with flying colors, not only rejuvenating drainfields that were either failing or on the verge of failure but also with new systems to keep destructive biomat from forming.”

Flagg was also pleased with the response to the new product at the Expo. Septic Services employees constantly talked with onsite system installers in attendance about the benefits of installing the new aerator on existing and new systems.

“The Retro-Air garnered a lot of great attention for us, which proved that the product was answering a large need in the industry,” says Flagg. “We had dozens of attendees interested in buying our display model and took multiple orders at the show. The interest exceeded our expectations.”

Flagg says Septic Services Inc. tries to have a new product to unveil at every Expo, and that won’t change for the rebranded Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & TransportShow, or WWETT. He says the company is already working on new aeration equipment to bring to the market in 2015.

“The Expo is the perfect place for us to roll out our newest technology,” says Flagg. “You won’t find a better audience of customers and potential customers. That’s why we come back every year.” 800/536-5564;


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