Ecoflo PACK from Premier Tech Aqua is designed for a compact footprint

Ecoflo PACK from Premier Tech Aqua is designed for a compact footprint
A large group of attendees surround Premier Tech Aqua’s Ecoflo PACK unit at the 2016 WWETT Show Kickoff Party inside Lucas Oil Stadium. The compact passive wastewater treatment unit uses a coconut husk filtering material to treat wastewater from homes with flows of up to 600 gpd. (Photo courtesy of Premier Tech Aqua)

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We live in a society where the phrase “doing more with less” has become a mantra. It’s no different for onsite installers, as the need for systems that can treat large flows while fitting into exceedingly smaller footprints continues to grow. The Ecoflo PACK, a compact treatment system introduced by Premier Tech Aqua at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show, is such a product.

“The issues we are seeing typically involve people buying and deciding to build large family homes on small parcels, or buying a small cabin and deciding to expand it into a full-size family home,” says Robert Flantua, wastewater treatment services coordinator with Premier Tech Aqua. “Many of these are also waterfront properties, often with increased treatment regulations.”

With a single monobloc unit integrating a primary tank and a biofilter, the Ecoflo PACK is designed to be suitable for either primary or secondary homes with up to a 600 gpd capacity, typically four or more bedrooms. The NSF-certified system is based on Premier Tech Aqua’s compact filter technology that treats wastewater without energy while retaining pollutants, thanks to 100 percent organic filtering media. The treated wastewater is then released to infiltrate the natural soil for final purification and protection of groundwater sources.

“The coconut husk fiber is really the key to the effectiveness of the system,” says Flantua. “It enables us to create a system where you can get a large hydraulic load in a small footprint.”

The system is designed to clarify wastewater coming from the residence by retaining solids. The system offers ease of maintenance and all the benefits of a recyclable filtering media that can be accessed via the lid at the end of its useful life. The used filter material, which carries a 10-year life cycle warranty, can then be composted or amended into soil to break down naturally.

“It is a completely passive system of treatment, and even works during power outages,” says Flantua. “That leads to a nice energy savings long term.”

Systems are available in ready-to-use rotomolded polyethylene shells or as a kit to be integrated into concrete tanks, reducing transport logistics and wait time. A nitrogen-removal option is also available. Premier Tech Aqua featured the Ecoflo PACK at the inaugural WWETT Show Kickoff Party inside Lucas Oil Stadium, and getting the unit in front of thousands of attendees was exciting, according to Flantua.

“We are very happy that we chose to bring the PACK to the Kickoff Party and focus on it,” he says. “It created a lot of buzz right from the beginning. I think having the actual product on the floor helped us make several sales.”

Feedback about the unit was positive as well. Flantua says that many WWETT Show attendees were excited to see a small unit that offered large flow treatment. Others were interested in learning if the technology could be adapted to smaller-scale homes of three or fewer bedrooms.

“We’re actually looking at bringing a PACK unit designed for smaller homes to the 2017 show,” says Flantua. “There’s certainly a need for those as well, and it’s something we can fill.” 800/632-6356;


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