Product Spotlight - January 2021

Product Spotlight - January 2021

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In many onsite systems, aeration is supplied mechanically by way of a pump. The BIOROCK Aerobic Septic System offers an eco-friendly and silent solution to break down waste without electric pumps.

With the use of a degradation-resistant media, BIOROCK systems rely on natural aeration and require no electricity, eliminating the buzzing sounds that may come from electric motors powering aeration. “The natural aeration eliminates any smell too,” says Michael Martinez, the company’s product manager. By eliminating the need for a pump, Martinez contends users will save money on electrical and maintenance costs.

Starting in the primary tank, BIOROCK systems clarify raw sewage by dividing fats, oils, greases and organic solids. The sewage then passes through an effluent filter before discharging in the BIOROCK reactor. The bioreactor is designed to purify the pretreated wastewater with a biological process using a media exclusive to BIOROCK. After undergoing that natural process, the effluent is discharge by gravity or by pump depending on the specific ground type.

BIOROCK systems can be used for new residential onsite treatment system installs or to retrofit existing ones. The company focused on building the system to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications so different sizes and capacities are available.

For individual dwellings, campsites or small rural offices, the MONOBLOCK line of sewage treatment plants are compact with a 528- or 792-gallon primary tank and come pre-assembled. The ECOROCK system is used for groups of houses, restaurants, hotels, institutions or medium-sized dwellings. When a solution is needed for larger applications, such as commercial offices or apartment complexes, the MULTIROCK design uses multiple ECOROCK systems installed in parallel using a splitter-box system. This guarantees equal flow to each unit and allows for unlimited expansion.

“There have been units in operation for over 20 years in northern Europe, where customers praise that the system is still working like it did when it was first installed with the original media bags still in use,” says Martinez. 


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