Product Spotlight - July 2021

Product Spotlight - July 2021

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MicroSepTec EnviroServer ES designed for simple installation

Ease of installation in a single excavation was the thought process when the MicroSepTec EnviroServer ES Series was designed for residential treatment systems. 

The systems utilize five chambers to achieve primary settling, treatment and clarification, all in one tank. “Another unique feature is the plug-and-play concept,” says Mike Sundberg, president of MicroSepTec. “All of the components needed for the treatment system come with the system when it is purchased from the distributor.”

The units use a moving bed biological reactor (MBBR) made specifically for the residential market. “The uniqueness of the MBBR is the hybrid fixed film and suspended growth that happens in the aeration chambers, making the EnivroServer very robust in its treatment capabilities,” Sundberg says.

The first compartment of the system is the primary clarifier for the settling of sludge and solids. The second section houses the first of two aeration chambers and contains biomedia providing surface area to promote a healthy population of microorganisms. The third compartment is used for further aeration to amplify the growth of nitrifying bacteria and the process of nitrification. 

Following the stages of aerations, the fourth chamber is the final clarifier where suspended solids settle out. Wastewater is then recirculated back to the primary clarifier in the first compartment, which contains enough carbon to promote denitrification removing high levels of nitrate. Clarified water is then moved through an effluent filter before entering the fifth and final compartment, an effluent chamber for storage.

MicroSepTec offers options for different types of recirculation based on use and desired effluent quality, along with control options for different types of discharge options. A result of the recirculation is sludge and solids accumulating in the primary clarifier. The “ES” in the systems name stands for extended storage, meaning the tank is sized to hold enough volume for one to three years depending on usage.

The design of the EnviroServer ES series also allows the system to be installed on a variety of sites and conditions including steep hills, small lots, ocean shore or lakefront, high elevation and hard-to-reach locations. 

“Installers choose the EnivroServer because of the simplicity of the design and installation process,” Sundberg says. “Regulators like seeing them installed because they know they can get the desired effluent quality in terms of BOD, TSS and nitrogen reductions on a consistent basis.” 877-473-7842; 


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