Septic Tank Safety: Risers & Lids Save Lives

Septic Tank Safety: Risers & Lids Save Lives
Seal-r septic tank lids from BrenLin Company

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Another near tragedy put septic tank safety in the spotlight when two good Samaritans rescued a 2-year-old boy who fell into a septic tank at a mobile home park near Kissimmee, Fla., last month. According to, the septic tank cover was not secured properly on the tank, leaving it exposed to the boy and other potential victims. 

One of the good Samaritans, Edwin Rafael, said in the news story that the toddler looked lifeless when the two neighbors pulled him from the tank. Rafael performed CPR and then the boy was taken to a local hospital where he was checked and released. 

The mobile home property manager plans to install fencing around the area where the septic tank is located to prevent other potential accidents. 

Although this story has a happy ending, many similar incidents end in tragedy when children fall into exposed septic tanks. 

Fortunately, lids and risers in today’s onsite market can help prevent these unfortunate incidents. These innovative products ensure septic tank covers are secure and prohibit unauthorized tank access. 

“You see stories of kids falling into unsafe septic tanks every year, and the outcome is mostly not pretty,” says Patrick Mulhall, vice president of sales at Polylok. “As a manufacturer of septic system accessories and equipment, we have a responsibility to make sure the product is as safe as possible.” 

The Universal Kid Catcher from Polylok was designed to act as a secondary layer of protection if the riser cover is unknowingly damaged or removed. It includes the company’s riser safety screen protection system for use on PVC ribbed pipe, HDPE corrugated pipe, and concrete septic tank risers. The kit includes the ledge, along with self-tapping screws that fasten to concrete anchors, and a carbide bit. The bright yellow, heavy-duty ABS safety screens are available in 12-, 20- and 24-inch sizes. 

Polyethylene septic tank covers from Hedstrom Plastics fit standard 18- and 24-inch double-wall corrugated pipe. Gaskets and safety hardware are included, and a safety net is available. Covers can be filled with sand on site for added weight. Foam-filled lids are available upon request and covers can be customized.

Access systems from Quanics provide easy access to septic tanks, dosing tanks and basin assemblies. They are available in polyethylene and PVC materials in 22-, 24-, 26-, 30- and 36-inch diameters. The interlocking design is available in 6-, 12-, 18- and 38-inch height increments. Risers and lids interlock with a neoprene gasket and twist lock design.

Septic tank lid risers from Tuf-Tite feature internal supports or ledges to support internal plastic safety lids. The ledges will support the company’s plastic internal safety lids or a variety of internal safety devices made by others, such as concrete, fiberglass or rope netting. The riser lids come with all necessary mounting hardware including safety screws. 

Locking riser lids from Sim/Tech Filter are mainly for use on frequent-access systems. Screws are not used, but instead there is a six-point locking web that is engaged and disengaged with the use of a push release tool. The web locks and holds the lid in place in the same motion. The lid eliminates the problems of missing screws and worn-out screw holes.

Seal-r septic tank lids from BrenLin Company create a strong seal between the septic tank and the riser, eliminating water infiltration between the riser and the tank. They are made of durable materials, range from 12 to 42 inches, and can be personalized with a service provider’s company information. The 42-inch lid meets growing demand for bigger risers to accommodate new technology equipment.

The 24-inch solid fiberglass DuraFiber riser lid from Orenco Systems has a flat-style lip for PVC and HDPE pipe. It weighs 10 pounds, but resists damage from lawn equipment and can withstand a 20,000-pound load. Its design allows flush-to-grade installation, and features a cored centering ring to align and fit the lid snugly to the riser.

The 24-inch septic lid from RotoSolutions Inc. is made of heavy-duty, rotomolded plastic and weight-rated for 3,500 pounds.

The nonskid, kelp green fiberglass septic riser cover from TOPP Industries is designed to fit most 24-inch-diameter risers and corrugated pipe. The cover is noncorrosive and can withstand a 2,500-pound wheel load. The built-in cover gasket provides a watertight and gas-tight seal.

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