Operations and Maintenance Quiz 1

Operations and Maintenance Quiz 1

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This is the first in a series of short quizzes to test your knowledge of operation and maintenance principles. They are meant to promote discussion and thought, so the questions will not always be straightforward with clear, well-defined answers. There will be short-answer questions, multiple choice and true/false.

1. What are three reasons O&M service is important?

2. What does management of an onsite wastewater treatment system mean?

3. T or F Monitoring is tied to verification of performance to meet regulatory compliance.

4. As an O&M service provider, what is your risk of biological pathogen exposure?

5. T or F Monitoring frequency should be defined by the regulatory authority through an evaluation of the potential environmental and public health risks associated with system nonperformance.

Answers are posted here.

O&M Quiz Series:


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