Editors’ Choice: Our Favorite Articles of 2020

Editors’ Choice: Our Favorite Articles of 2020

Each year we publish 12 issues of Onsite Installer, along with weekly exclusives at OnsiteInstaller.com. We cover everything from financial advice and employee management, to effluent screen cleaning procedures and tips on restoring soil infiltration, along with regular system installation and company profile features. 

We shared the most-read online stories — your favorites — at the end of the year, and now editors Kim Peterson and Jim Kneiszel rounded up their personal favorite stories of the past year. If you missed any of these, enjoy this look back at our favorites from 2020. 

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9 Signs of a Great Company Leader
Remembering these simple traits of great leadership can keep your crew happier and working toward your most important business goals.

The Onsite Community Travels to Help the Needy in Belize
Volunteers from an Ohio church travel to Central America to install a system at a shelter for girls.

Ensuring Proper Septic Tank Access for Future System Maintenance
Tanks must be reasonably accessible to facilitate inspection and maintenance activities after installation is complete. 

North Carolina Waterfront Community Honors Septic Program Leader
Environmental planner Todd Krafft is recognized posthumously for nearly 20 years of onsite education provided to the residents of Nags Head.

All the Steps You Need to Know for Accurate Wastewater Sampling
Why, when, where and how — follow these guidelines to help determine the performance level of a system or component.

A New Generation of Leaders Bring an Old-Line Texas Installing Company up to Speed
Van Delden Wastewater Systems embraces technology to streamline record-keeping, boost efficiency and sharpen marketing.

Helpful Tips for Writing Great Website Content
Learning how to craft content that draws in customers is difficult, but ultimately worthwhile.

Always a Better Way
Alan and Jen Chapin, owners of Envirotek Septic Solutions on Washington’s Camano Island, strive to elevate the onsite profession. Their approach is hiring quality people and providing community education.

When Does an ATU Need Cleaning?
There are two or three compartments of an ATU that will need monitoring to determine a cleaning schedule.

Ohio Couple Shares a Passion for Building and Maintaining Efficient Onsite Systems
With a personal vision for customer care, Erin and Cody Mastin pursued their small-business dream by stepping away from the family company.

3 Keys to Proper Media Filter Installation
Proper installation of the treatment train components is essential to media filters working effectively and efficiently over a long life span.


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