Florida Installer Found Solution for Meeting Nitrogen Limits

Fuji Clean USA ATUs help Harbor Septic build systems to accommodate small lots and environmentally sensitive areas

Florida Installer Found Solution for Meeting Nitrogen Limits

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Working in the environmentally sensitive Indian River Lagoon watershed in Florida’s Brevard County, Harbor Septic often must meet strict nitrogen removal requirements when installing or replacing onsite treatment systems.

In those cases and some others, company owner Keith Wessner chooses Fuji Clean USA CEN model aerobic treatment units. “They put out really good effluent numbers,” says Wessner, whose company operates out of Melbourne. “The units come in a plastic-reinforced fiberglass tank, and it’s a very compact package.

“You get clean water out the end because they have a lift mechanism that uses air from the blower to recycle water from the third chamber back to the first chamber. So it’s getting multiple rounds of treatment.”

The systems work well when it’s necessary to meet a 65% reduction in septic tank effluent nitrogen, Wessner observes. “That’s where we use the Fuji Clean system a lot. They’re achieving about 75% reduction right out of the tank, so they meet the standard.”

The systems’ proprietary water recirculation process combines with media designed to help grow nitrogen-reducing bacteria. Light weight and a small footprint make them easy to maneuver and to fit into tight, difficult sites, according to Wessner. They are also designed for energy efficiency and, with no moving parts inside tank, are simple to maintain, according to the manufacturer.

Produced in Japan, the systems have been used in North America for about seven years, Wessner says. The small footprint allows for minimal site disruption and the aeration blowers operate quietly. Systems are designed to accommodate flow spikes or seasonal use applications, he says.

Installation is essentially plug-and-play with just one air line. An alarm and simple operation help reduce the risk of installation or operational errors. Models are designed to accommodate residential flows from 500 to 1,350 gpd. Systems can use Tuf-Tite or Polylok risers.

Fuji Clean USA reports that a company engineer is available to provide system sketches and design layouts, especially for nonstandard applications. Installers can choose NSF 40- or NSF 40/245- certified units to meet requirements in tightly regulated states and localities.

Read more about Harbor Septic in the September issue of Onsite Installer.


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