Digging Deeper: States Leading the Excavation Contractors Industry

Digging Deeper: States Leading the Excavation Contractors Industry

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In the bustling landscape of excavation contractors, certain states stand out as the hubs of activity. California, Texas and Pennsylvania are the frontrunners, boasting the highest number of businesses.


With a staggering count of 3,415 excavation contractor businesses, California leads. Its diverse terrain presents a bountiful amount of excavation projects, from urban developments to infrastructure expansions.


Not far behind is the Lone Star State, home to 3,103 excavation contractor businesses. Texas's vast amount of land and ongoing construction projects fuel the demand. This makes it a cornerstone of the state's booming construction industry.


Pennsylvania rounds out the top three with 2,310 excavation contractor businesses. As a state rich in history and natural resources, Pennsylvania's excavation industry plays a big role in various sectors, including energy, transportation, and urban redevelopment.


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