Why Vermont Leads in Home Septic Systems

Why Vermont Leads in Home Septic Systems

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Over 20% of households rely on septic systems, yet their abundance varies across states. Why? Let’s take a closer look at why one state trumps the others in the number of septic systems. 

Vermont leads the pack with 55% of households using septic systems, according to Affordable Pumping Services. Thanks to its favorable topography with rich, absorbent soil, Vermont is ideal for effective septic system functionality. 

The main factor is the significant space between houses and the ample land available on each property. In the picturesque New England landscape, the beautiful topography poses challenges and expenses in installing centralized community water treatment centers. Consequently, most homeowners are left to manage their waste treatment independently.

Population density also influences the prevalence of septic systems. In densely populated areas, centralized water treatment facilities are more economically feasible to serve the community's needs.

Soil quality also plays a vital role in determining whether a property is suitable for a septic system. In areas where the soil lacks  necessary properties to support efficient waste absorption, septic systems may not be a good option. 


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