Portable septic tank installed on tight site

Portable septic tank installed on tight site
Portable septic tank installed on tight site

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Problem: A British Columbia, Canada, installer had a customer who needed a new septic tank in the backyard. A traditional rectangular concrete tank was out of the question because installation would require a large crane for placement. There was no road access to the backyard, and the space between neighboring structures was tight. A poly tank would not have worked effectively, either, as a high water table would lead to tank floating.

Solution: The installer installed two Turtle Tanks. “One of the many advantages of spherical concrete tanks is the portability, as it can be maneuvered with either a large or small excavator,” says installer Luis Goncalves. Large excavators can handle the 1,320-gallon septic tank, and a mini-excavator can handle one half of the tank at a time. The tank can then be put together with a butyl rubber sealant.

Result: The tank has performed without issue since installation. 778/363-0828; www.turtletanks.com.


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