Aero-Stream Risers Promote Safety and Easy Installation

Aero-Stream Risers Promote Safety and Easy Installation
Aero-Stream President Karl Holt, left, discusses the Integral Safety Barrier that fits inside the company’s riser system. The barrier comes as part of the full riser kit. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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Every septic system technician has dealt with the challenge of locating a buried tank cover. Not only are they required to locate the cover underground, but cold climates create the additional challenge of frozen ground, making inspection and service all the more difficult.

The Septic Tank Riser Kit, showcased by Aero-Stream at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show, is designed to conveniently bring tank access to the surface or allow for easy tank access in new system construction.

“Our risers are available in any length you could need to bring the cover up to just above grade,” says Aero-Stream President Karl Holt. “The kit includes the installation guide, butyl sealant rope, four Tapcon anchor screws to attach the adapter flange to the tank, and six stainless steel screws to attach the adapter flange to the riser ring.”

Aero-Stream risers are available in heights from 7 to 50 inches in 3-inch increments, with custom heights available up to 96 inches. The riser rings typically weigh less than 30 pounds, while the durable cover weighs less than 10 pounds, making transporting and shipping easy and affordable. Covers are tested to a weight limit of 2,200 pounds, but Holt suggests only normal foot traffic on them.

“All our kits ship via UPS Ground, and shipping costs are inexpensive,” says Holt.

Risers also come with Aero-Stream’s Integral Safety Barrier that provides added protection if the septic tank cover is removed inappropriately. The tank can be pumped without removal, but the barrier can be removed for servicing baffles. It fits 24-inch-I.D., double-wall corrugated, ribbed and smooth-wall pipe.

“The Integral Safety Barrier doesn’t require tools to install in our risers, and pops in in just a few minutes following installation of the riser,” says Holt. “That added security is a must. And while they are easy to remove, they can stay right in place for typical system pumping and maintenance.”

Holt says the product has been on the market for roughly 18 months and he’s encouraged by feedback so far.

“We have quite a few of these systems in the field right now, and installers not only really like the safety barrier, but also that everything comes in an all-inclusive kit,” he says.

“It really was designed to make the installer’s life easier.”

Holt was happy with the flow of installers past the Aero-Stream booth at the WWETT Show, as it gave him the opportunity to get the word out about his product to a wide audience.

“We’re using this show to create product awareness and get the word out about it to resellers,” he says. “We’ve gotten a lot of great leads and interest out of it, which is great for a relatively new product. The installers I’ve talked with are excited by products that can make their jobs easier, and this one can.” 262/538-4000;


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