Pump Design Made Easy

WWETT Show session will cover choosing and installing pump systems in onsite systems
Pump Design Made Easy

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Onsite system design can be tricky. There’s even a one-day course on installation at the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show. There is also a shorter session dedicated solely to choosing and installing the right pump systems for your onsite installation.

“Onsite System Pump Design Made Easy” will be taught by Cory Lyon on Thursday, February 18, in rooms 237-239 from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Lyon has worked for Orenco Systems since 2004 and is currently an account manager. 

This session will cover when to use pump systems, the different kinds of systems available and how to pick the right pump. Dosing methods, system components and their functions, tank configurations, and how to choose the appropriate pump vault and effluent filter will all be discussed.

What will you talk about in the session and why is it important?
This seminar will provide the information and tools needed to successfully design a residential pump system for onsite wastewater applications. The seminar will also highlight common misconceptions about pump system design.

What will installers get out of this class?
My goal is for the installers in the audience to come away with a clear and simple understanding of designing a pump system, as well as how to avoid common pitfalls such as incorrectly sized pumps.

Why should a veteran installer attend this class?
I would invite veteran installers to attend the class so they can see how their methodologies compare to those of other successful designers and installers.

Why should a beginner installer attend this class?
Lyon: My goal for beginning installers is to help them become more comfortable with designing and applying pump systems and help them become familiar with the freely available design and sizing tools out there.

Is there anything else attendees should know?
An additional goal of this seminar is to help installers understand that a well-thought-out pump system can improve the performance of an onsite treatment system.


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