WOSSA training center adds ECOPOD unit

System from Delta Environmental will be used as a teaching tool

Delta Environmental has assembled and installed an ECOPOD advanced wastewater treatment system at the Northwest Onsite Training Center Display, operated by the Washington On-Site Sewage Association (WOSSA) in Puyallup. The system was placed next to the company’s Whitewater unit and is available for hands-on teaching.

The ECOPOD system is an advanced, fixed-film reactor with treatment capacities from 500 to 1,500 gpd. It significantly reduces BOD, TSS and nitrogen and is listed with Washington Department of Health Registered Onsite Treatment Products.

The unit’s intra-tank bioreactor can be inserted into average-sized wastewater treatment tanks or a vault. The installation at the training center used an IM-1060 tank from Infiltrator Systems. The configuration is lightweight and may enable easier installation on sites with limited truck access for traditional precast tanks.

In the ECOPOD system, sludge from incoming wastewater settles to the bottom of the primary tank while scum floats to the top and anaerobic treatment begins. The wastewater enters the reactor chamber and flows over the attached-growth media. Aerobically charged bacteria begin waste digestion. Air from the diffuser bar energizes the bacteria and creates a circulating motion for the wastewater. Cleaned effluent exits the tank to move to the soil treatment system.

Adam Johnson of Infiltrator and Gary Gutteridge of HB Jaeger assisted with the assembly of the system and delivery of the unit to the training center. Andrew and Josh Gunia of A Advanced Septic Services supplied a crew and equipment to install the unit.


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