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Washington State company promotes septic systems

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Through its new website blog, Ace Acme Septic Services is showing that individual service companies can become strong advocates for the decentralized wastewater industry. Todd and Kelly Summers are sharing their thoughts about a variety of septic system maintenance topics, hoping to educate homeowners around their Arlington, Wash., home base. 

As an example, take a look at their recent blog, entitled “What Are the Advantages of Using Septic Sewage Systems?” You’ll find it at

The company lays out its arguments for communities choosing decentralized treatment systems over hooking more homes to the big pipe. They cite an example showing that while a septic system comes with greater up-front cost, it provides sewage treatment at a far lower cost over time than connecting to a municipal system.

“Septic systems do a pristine job of treating waste in order to preserve and even benefit the environment! Properly maintained septic tanks of this era simply do not damage the environment,’’ Ace Acme says in its blog post. “The risk of raw sewage escaping treatment is far lower with septic systems than with the public sewer.’’

I called Todd to talk to him about the blog, and he said it’s important to share the industry professional’s perspective because too few people understand what a septic system is and how it works. “We have a lot of Boeing people in the area,’’ he says of the aircraft manufacturer. “They put rivets on planes, but they have no idea what septic systems are about.’’ When more people undertstand the effectiveness of onsite systems, the industry and the public benefit, he says.

Thanks to Ace Acme for reaching out with the public education effort. Are you posting educational blogs at your website? Send me a link. I’d enjoy taking a look.

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