Every Septic Business is a Three-Legged Stool

Three very different mentalities and skill sets are needed to build a successful business

Every Septic Business is a Three-Legged Stool

I always say that in order to achieve success, every business — no matter the industry — must be equally balanced in three areas: technical savvy, business management and aggressive entrepreneurship.

While most septic literature gives attention to the technical aspects, any small-business owner who ignores the other two aspects or just attempts to “poke them with a stick,” does so at their peril.

Here’s the challenge: These three areas must be handled, not just by any person off the street, not just by someone willing to “try,” but by someone possessing the correct mental aptitude for the specific task.

The technician has the mentality of a doer. This energetic person believes that, “If you want it done right, you must do it yourself!” This person lives in the present and wishes to focus on one thing at a time. He or she is not interested so much in ideas as in doing something, especially in the physical realm.

The manager has a mentality of orderliness. This person goes crazy if things are not done in a clear, regimented way each and every time — if the books are not completely straight, if the office is not perfectly in order. The manager sees problems in everything the uncontrollable technician and the unruly entrepreneur do.

The entrepreneur has the mentality of a visionary. Although he craves control of the other two, he loves change. This person looks into the future and sees what could be; she’s a dreamer and constantly wants to create new ideas and new procedures in which the technician and manager are not interested. He or she tends to work in the abstract.

From almost anyone’s casual observation, the average small-business startup is: 10% entrepreneurial, 20% management and 70% technician.

This, unfortunately, is common in all small businesses, including the septic industry.

For a business to be successful, the challenge must be shared equally by the three mentalities.

It is my personal opinion that there are very few people who can handle all three areas, giving the attention level, expertise and mentality needed in each one.

Obviously, there’s only one true solution: You must hire people with the correct mentalities for each job.

The fact that most new businesses don’t have the funds or the skills to do that is the reason their failure rate is so high.

Am I saying that you shouldn’t start a business?

Not at all. First and foremost, find out and accept which mentality you represent. There is glory and dignity in all three.

Second, work the other two positions as best you can, hiring people with the correct mentalities to take them over as soon as possible.

It’s a tough road, but it’s that toughness that eventually pulls every true American entrepreneur to eventual success.

About the author
Frank Aguirre owns Septic Systems Express, a system design company located in San Antonio. Contact him at 210-275-7866 or via email at frankseptic45@gmail.com.


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