How To Make a Septic Tank: Team Elmer's Shows Us How

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Tom with Team Elmer’s out of Northern Michigan takes us through the manufacturing of a concrete septic tank! First up is to take the pans out, followed by putting the lids back in place on this finished tank. Once the sides are all opened up, a crane is brought in to place the tank onto the floor. The loader then carries the tank out of the shop to make room for the next one. 

Prepping for the next tank includes greasing the hinge parts to protect the tank and putting rebar around the bottom to keep the concrete from cracking. The mold is then filled with concrete and the handles are placed onto the lids. The video then shows getting the tank into the ground. They set the bottom in the hole, tar the seam, silicone the water plug drain holes, set the lid and then check the heights. Just like that, Team Elmer’s job is done!

Understanding how concrete septic tanks are made is essential for professionals in the industry. It enables them to assess quality, ensure proper installation, and more. With this knowledge, professionals can provide high-quality service, prolong the lifespan of septic systems, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction and safety in the septic industry.

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