Oklahoma Septic Company Diagnoses DIY Disaster

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In a recent TikTok video posted by @thatsepticgirl, owner of Cyclone Septics in Guthrie, Oklahoma, viewers were given a cautionary tale of the attempt to relocate a septic tank without professional assistance. The video highlights the story of a customer who decided to take matters into their own hands, only to end up with a costly and avoidable mistake.

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She begins with inspecting the tank only to find that the concrete tank itself is not salvageable. She then continues on to check out the rest of the situation, including the pump and control panel. Although there is mud in the tank, it seems the pump may still be usable with a good washing. 

Displayed in the video is also the fact that the customer went on to prepare where they were going to relocate the tank. The hole will need some work but should still be able to be used. 

She goes on to conclude the video by explaining that they will be able to fix the situation, but for a pretty penny. What probably started as a seemingly simple project turned into a costly lesson in the importance of seeking professional help when dealing with septic systems.


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