Dominic With @PoorPumperSociety Shares DIY Dilemma

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In this video, watch as Dominic with @poorpumpersociety works on a DIY septic system. The homeowner has never had the tank pumped and only has a general idea of where the tank is. Dominic uncovers an IBC tote covered with a few sheets of metal and it's clear the previous homeowner decided to take matters into their own hands when it came to installing the septic system. 

He gives the sludge the shovel test, for the little bit of shovel he can actually fit in the tank. The 275 gallon tank is quite small for a two bedroom, one bathroom house, says Dominic. Leaving him confused on how it made it this long without a service. When he gets to pumping, he mentions not opting for the Crust Buster since he could risk puncturing the small tank. He pumps down the tank and rinses the best he can. 

Although the system has lasted for the last 7 years, Dominic informs the homeowner that in order for the system to continue to work, it will need to be pumped more often. 


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