Distribution Equipment and Systems

Distribution Equipment and Systems

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Gravelless system

GEO-flow corrugated HDP pipe from Advanced Drainage Systems is an advanced gravelless pipe distribution system for equal distribution. The design promotes an oxygen-rich environment for increased biomat activity. With polypropylene grid and geotextile wrapping, the system increases effluent dispersal performance. Its flexibility makes it well designed for contoured applications. Because the system is gravelless and has a lightweight design, it is easily delivered and installed in areas where conventional pipe and gravel systems would be difficult to use. It requires few people, little time and minimal heavy equipment to install. 800/821-6710; www.ads-pipe.com

Splitter and valve

The Tru-Flow splitter from Clarus Environmental equally divides effluent under gravity up to five ways while allowing operators to clean and adjust the flow without digging. The Spider Valve pressure manifold can be configured to properly split flows to laterals of different lengths on odd-shaped lots. Automatic multizone valve assemblies make large pressure-dosed systems manageable by dividing a system into larger, more convenient zones. 800/928-7867; www.clarusenvironmental.com

Antisiphon dripline

Geoflow's antisiphon dripper allows design of a dispersal field for any landscape. The dripper is slow to drain water when the pump turns off. This makes it less sensitive to vacuum than standard pressure-compensating driplines, and less dependent on airvents. The dripline provides protection against root intrusion with ROOTGUARD molded into each emitter. A turquoise Geoshield layer protects against biological buildup. 800/828-3388; www.geoflow.com

S pumps

S pumps from Grundfos Pumps are designed for transfer of unscreened raw sewage, transfer of raw water, and pumping of water containing sludge. The S-impeller does not compromise free passage or hydraulic efficiency. Greater free passage means better solids handling and greater non-clogging capabilities. The design provides long life and low maintenance costs.

Features include a wide range, SmartTrim, operation with or without cooling jacket, submerged or dry installation, channel and vortex impellers, built-in motor protection, SmartSeal, large free passage and S-tube impeller. 800/921-7867; www.grundfos.us

Geosynthetic aggregate

EZflow by Infiltrator is an environmentally friendly modular engineered geosynthetic aggregate replacement for traditional stone and pipe drainfields. The system improves drainfield performance by eliminating the fines, compaction and embedment associated with crushed stone. The systems are effective for shallow applications when high water tables, poor soils, variable terrain or other factors prohibit installing a traditional trench system.

The lightweight systems are flexible and easy to install and can be contoured around trees or on sloping sites. The technology is suited for system repairs. Pre-assembled units include a 3- or 4-inch perforated pipe surrounded by aggregate and held in place with durable high-strength netting. The systems come in 5- and 10-foot lengths and in diameters of 7, 9, 10, 12, 13 or 14 inches. 800/221-4436; www.infiltratorsystems.com

Dripfield headworks

The Drip Irrigation Headworks package from Jet Inc. is designed as a direct-mount device on an effluent pump tank that will filter effluent discharge while controlling pressure to the dripfield. It is available for auto or manual flush. The package contains a 1.5-inch vortex screen filter and pre-installed pressure gauges to monitor pressure drop across the filter component and regulate pressure to the dripfield.

Designed for use with the company's drip system Float Tree, the package mounts onto an existing 24-inch Polylok riser for easy access to the pump, float tree, integrated vortex filter and controls. An optional flowmeter package and pressure relief valve are also available to meet site-specific and regulatory criteria. 800/321-6960; www.jetincorp.com

Low-volume dripperline

Bioline from Netafim is purple polyethylene, low-volume dripperline designed for use with onsite wastewater systems ranging from domestic septic strength to secondary-treated effluent. Each dripper is debris resistant, continuous self-flushing and pressure compensating. The drippers deliver a precise application rate into the soil over a broad pressure range and have an antibacterial impregnated into them to prevent microbial slime buildup. The dripline does not require special handling or storage, and no chemicals are required to protect against root intrusion.

Available in three flow rates and several dripper spacings, the product is designed for virtually any soil type and does not need expensive equipment to install. Its ability to precisely deliver the effluent without the imbalance of trench and pipe layouts make it well suited for environmentally friendly areas, tight soils, slopes, odd-shaped areas and for those wanting to use the effluent for beneficial reuse. 888/638-2346; www.netafimusa.com/wastewater

Rockless drainfield system

The Multi-Pipe (MPS) Rockless drainfield system from Plastic Tubing Industries offers an alternative to gravel, chambers and foam cubes. The technology uses a system of corrugated pipes to replace voided areas within a gravel system. The system provides a reduced footprint, lower profile, and increased transpiration and evapotranspiration area. All configurations are constructed with recycled materials in the U.S. 407/298-5121; www.pti-pipe.com

Drain boxes

Polylok 12- and 20-inch drain boxes are designed for large applications including golf courses and are suitable for homes. The boxes accept 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-inch pipe and also accept Polylok risers. The units are easy to install, accept corrugated pipe, can be used with solid cover or grade, allow pipe to be installed at various heights, and include four stabilizing feet with every 12-inch box. The boxes can be used as rain drains for gutters, driveways and subsurface drainage, and also as distribution boxes or drop boxes for septic systems. 877/765-9565; www.polylok.com

Drip tubing

Small-diameter drip tubing from Quanics Inc. is flexible and easy to install and requires minimal site disturbance. Shallow placement of 6 inches deep with no additional cover reduces the need for topsoil. The tubing is available as pressure compensating and non-compensating. Bactericide is incorporated into the inner lining of the dripline to prevent bacteria from forming and eliminates the need to scour the tubing. Tubing and dripline emitters include ROOTGUARD to prevent roots from clogging drip emitters. 877/782-6427; www.quanics.net

Effluent pump

The Bullet high-head effluent pump from Septic Services, Inc. is a midsection double-screened pump designed for high-pressure applications including pumping liquids and filtered effluent to an irrigation or mound system at a long distance. Constructed with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel outer shell, the 4-inch-diameter pumps have a 1/2 hp oil-filled, 120-volt, continuous-duty submersible motor and a 15-foot, two-wire, one-phase ground cord. The BP-12 has an output of 12 gpm with an NPT 1 1/4-inch discharge. The BP-20 has an output of 20 gpm with an NPT of 1 1/4-inch discharge. The units measure 4 inches in diameter by 34 inches and weigh 25 pounds. 800/536-5564; www.septicserv.com/store

Compact pump

The Compact pump series from Thompson Pump is available in diesel-drive portable sizes of 4 and 6 inches. The lightweight system offers a small size, few parts and low maintenance. If an onsite plant is being upgraded or requires maintenance and fluids (treated or untreated) need to be moved, the pumps provide temporary pump power to move the fluid.

The series includes the Enviroprime system, which keeps pumpage from discharging into the environment. The series is available with automatic start/stop and Silent Knight sound attenuation. Pumps keep land dry while construction digs deep for laying pipes, trenches, new systems or septic tanks. 800/767-7310; www.thompsonpump.com

Distribution boxes

Strong, permanent distribution boxes from Tuf-Tite include a speed leveler in each outlet. The stable, non-corrosive boxes come in four-hole, six-hole, seven-hole and nine-hole sizes. Risers are available on the four- and seven-hole boxes. All boxes have a one-piece watertight seal that accepts
1 1/2-, 2-, 3- and 4-inch SDR35 or Schedule 40 pipe, including corrugated, for easy installation. 800/382-7009; www.tuf-tite.com

Wastewater pumps

V-Series wastewater pumps from Webtrol are designed for residential and commercial applications and feature a recessed, cast iron impeller that reduces the load on the bearing and prevents clogging. The air-filled motors offer a continuous-duty rating. To protect the motor from water, the pumps come standard with potted epoxy cord seals and double, silicon carbide mechanical seals. All motors include overload protection. The pumps are made of cast iron and stainless steel, and are available from 1/2 to 2 hp in 115V, 230V, single-phase and three-phase. 800/769-7867; www.webtrol.com


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