New Technology/Installation Tools

New Technology/Installation Tools
Effluent pumps

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Effluent pumps

Effluent turbine pumps from Clarus Environmental are available in capacities from 11 gpm to 85 gpm with heads up to 500 feet. Pumps range from 1/2 hp to 3 hp; 1/2 hp pumps are available in 115V or 230V. Motors from Franklin Electric power the pumps, which have discharges of 1 1/4 inches for 11, 19 and 27 gpm models and 2 inches for 35, 55 and 85 gpm models. Starting boxes are not required for pumps 1/2 hp and below; starting boxes are included with 2 hp and 3 hp models. Pumps come with a 10-foot jacketed cord. The manufacturer recommends installing the pumps in a filtered STEP vault or in a pump tank receiving filtered effluent. 800/928-7867;

Excavator tool carrier

The XT855 excavator tool carrier from Ditch Witch has a 30 hp engine and directs up to 18 hp to the tool carrier end. It has a lift capacity of up to 1,080 pounds when equipped with optional extension legs, which provide leveling support in difficult digging conditions. The excavator end has a 260-degree operating radius, enabling it to offset dig and deposit spoil anywhere within the swing arc. The operator can dig against a footing, wall or fence and dig a number of trenches without moving the machine. Zero-radius turning and a 50-inch width helps the unit get into and maneuver in tight spots. 800/654-6481;

Mini excavator

The 8055 RTS mini excavator from JCB combines power and maneuverability. The unit weighs 12,125 pounds, offers high lift capacity, and includes a 44.4 hp Perkins engine that cuts fuel consumption and operating costs. It comes with a 75-inch dipper; 59- and 68-inch dippers are available. The 68-inch dipper increases the unit's stability when using tilting buckets and quick hitches. The excavator offers high breakout forces and high tractive effort and tracking speeds. Dump height is 13 feet, 6 inches and dig depth is 12 feet, 4 inches. Single-acting auxiliary pipework to the dipper powers breaker attachments, while optional double-acting pipework lets users switch between single and double. Straight-line tracking gives precise control when positioning next to obstacles or during loading and unloading. 912/447-2000;

Slab lifter

The Slab Lifter from KENCO removes concrete slabs that must be lifted from one side. The lift uses a slide-balancing arm to allow the operator to choose the center of gravity for the slab. The unit is fabricated to meet customer specifications and designed for minimal space requirements. 800/653-6069;

Hot air hand tool

The TRIAC AT hot air plastic welding tool from Leister withstands outdoor use while providing consistent, precise temperature and processing control. Operators can use the tool to bend, form and join piping and assemble and seal plastic containers. The unit comes with an e-Drive digital display that shows set and actual output temperatures and lets users save preferred temperature and air-volume parameters for later use. Other features include closed-loop temperature controls, independent airflow adjustment, a lightweight ergonomic design, automatic cool-down to preserve the heating element, and an energy-saving mode. 855/534-7837;

Grinder pump

The Omnivore grinder pump from Liberty Pumps uses V-Slice cutter technology to provide more cuts per revolution. The hardened stainless steel cutting system shreds solids into fine slurry with less jamming. An open volute eliminates cutwater, improving solids flow. Other features include a one-piece cast iron body, quick-disconnect power cord, stainless steel impeller, and dual shaft seals. Single-stage and two-stage models are available. Complete pre-designed grinder systems are available in a variety of basin sizes. 800/543-2550;

Submersible pumps

Polylok offers submersible effluent pumps for low- and high-pressure dosing systems and light-duty industrial sumps in ratings from 0.04 to 2 hp, along with ejector pumps for residential and light commercial septic tanks and sewage systems in ratings from 0.04 to 10 hp. The pumps have high-torque capacity motors, 2-inch NPT vertical discharge, vortex impellers, cast iron construction, stainless steel fasteners and motor shaft, oil-filled motors (non-toxic oil) and an integrated clip for float switch cable. Single-phase units from 0.4 to 2 hp have built-in capacitors and thermal protection and include a piggyback float switch for auto operation. 877/765-9565;

Submersible aerator

The MAXAIR500 submersible aerator from Septic Services is an industrial-grade aerator that meets or exceeds industry standards. It has corrosion-resistant stainless steel legs with thick rubber feet for stability. Its continuous-duty maintenance-free motor is thermally protected in a fully enclosed stainless steel and powder-coated shell. An integrated high-impact plastic handle built into the top allows easy installation. The unit is prewired with a 15-foot power cord. The aerator is 25 inches high by 9.5 inches wide and weighs 32 pounds. 800/536-5564;

Sludge sampler

The TruCore sludge sampler from SIM/TECH Filter is designed for use in thick sludge common to septic tanks. The large-diameter unit allows quick sampling without creating excessive turbulence. With an inside diameter of 1 3/8 inch, the capacity per foot is almost 10 ounces. The straight-through design allows the sample to be effortlessly returned to the tank. The unit has a polycarbonate sampling tube and PVC fittings. It comes as a single 8-foot piece or as two 4-foot pieces that slip together. Custom sizes and configurations are available; an extension kit is available for deeply buried tanks. 888/999-3290;

Slide hammer probe

The Slide Adapter from T&T Tools is available in a standard or heavy-duty version. The add-ons turn the company's Mighty Probe into a small slide hammer probe. By threading the probe handle on the top threads and the probe rod into the threads at the other end, the rod can be driven into the ground by sliding the handle up and down and pounding the rod into the hard ground. The probe can also be driven out of the ground by pounding up. The stroke length is 6 inches. 800/521-6893;

Multi-tined thumb

The Progressive Link hydraulic multi-tined thumb from Werk-Brau can be used on every major brand excavator along with attachments from Werk-Brau or other attachment companies. The thumb is tough and easy to use. 800/537-9561;


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