System Repair/Drainfield Rejuvenation

Products that repair or rejuvenate failing systems can save homeowners substantial cost and frustration. Included here are additives, aerobic treatment units, jetters and pressure washers/sprayers designed to help installers get the most out of a struggling system.
System Repair/Drainfield Rejuvenation
Jetter/pressure washer combo unit

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Bio/Enzyme Additives

  Drainfield flow restorer

Septic-Scrub drainfield flow restorer from Arcan Enterprises is a chemical treatment that oxidizes sulfides and releases oxygen into the drainfield. The process is similar to letting the system rest, but works faster. The environmentally friendly treatment is added between the septic tank and the drainfield, and can be used for preventive maintenance. System use does not need to be restricted during treatment. 888/352-7226;

  Wastewater disinfection tablets

Accu-Tab aerobic wastewater tablets from Axiall don’t contain stearates, but instead are Hi-Sil silica, an erosion modifier that provides a steady source of available chlorine. They have a beveled edge and 2.5-inch diameter to reduce the impact of wicking, and are compatible with standard 2 5/8-inch aerobic wastewater feeders. They use an erosion modifier, Hi-Sil H-303 silica from PPG Industries instead of potentially hazardous aluminum stearate, to deliver equivalent dissolve rates and provide a steady source of available chlorine. They are available in convenient, easy-to-store 100-, 43.5- and 27.5-pound pails. They are NSF-60 compliant, have no foreign ingredients and a slow dissolve rate. 724/325-5959;

  Bioremediation restorative

AfterShock soil absorption restorative from Cape Cod Biochemical Co. restores drainage to clogged and sluggish drainfields and drainage structures. It also prevents backups and eliminates odors. It contains multi-strain bacillus spore-bearing bacteria as well as a bacteria-friendly, time-release oxygen source. It biologically digests solid material that normally clogs soil absorption areas. It accelerates the bacterial activity for an extended period, promoting unusually fast biological activity of the organisms. Additionally, it helps degrade the sulfides in the biomat to further promote drainage. The bacteria are naturally occurring, USDA-approved, laboratory-enhanced, primarily aerobic organisms. It is effective in residential and commercial drainfields, cesspools and seepage pits, and is ideal for use in conjunction with high-pressure water jetting and soil fracturing equipment. Its consortium of bacteria and oxidizer can be applied at the same time, eliminating the need to keep the system exposed for repeated site visits. 800/343-8007;

  Grease-eliminating digester

Bio-GEM grease-eliminating microbe digester from Norweco is a blend of cultured bacteria, aggressive enzymes and natural growth accelerators developed to digest grease, fats and oils in wastewater treatment systems, lift stations, septic tanks, sand filters, drain lines and commercial grease traps. It works in aerobic or anaerobic conditions to quickly convert common grease, fats and oils into carbon dioxide and water. This organic digestion process is more effective and reliable than emulsifying grease, fats and oils, which simply sends the problem to downstream treatment processes. Regular use will eliminate odors, stabilize effluent quality, reduce system maintenance and minimize tank pumpout frequency. It is available in 1- or 5-gallon containers or 55-gallon drums. 800/667-9326;

  Hardpan soil repair solution

Septic Drainer from RCS II repairs the soil in a septic drainfield damaged by hardpan soil issues. This hardpan soil layer causes aerobic bacteria to die off because of the restriction of airflow in the soil. Only anaerobic bacteria can survive without air. Anaerobic bacteria produce a waste product called biomat, which compounds the drainfield failure. An application of 4 gallons of the product directly in the field lines after pumping and cleaning the lines is required. The application amount of 4 gallons is based on an average size home consisting of a 1,000-gallon system or 180 to 250 feet of drainlines. 518/812-0000;

  Sewage treatment tablets

Mighty Mike U & F-BOOST! sewage treatment tablets from Scienco/FAST, a division of Bio-Microbics, optimize tank capacity and reduce pumpout frequency. They are formulated with over 25 billion active Class 1 organisms per gram, which make them ideal for enhancing natural biological activity in holding tanks and small conventional septic systems. The fast-acting, water-soluble tablet immediately activates once introduced into the waste stream, and feeds on the surrounding waste to provide a healthy population to rapidly break down organic waste. No premixing, premeasuring or presoaking is necessary, and the tablets are free of Salmonella, Shigella, and E. Coli strands. They are ideal in the event of toxic shock, no loading, overloading, restart or intermittent use. 913/422-0707;


  Moving bed biological reactor

PuraMax packaged product from Anua is a moving bed biological reactor (MBBR) and is suitable for high-strength waste pretreatment. Following a primary tank, biological treatment is provided by an attached-growth process. Recycled plastic biocarriers, suspended in the tank, provide large surface area for bacteria to attach and grow. An aeration grid supplies oxygen to the biofilm, along with the mixing energy required to keep the biocarriers suspended throughout the tank. Biosolids are naturally sloughed off the biocarriers, which along with the treated effluent, flow by gravity to a clarifier for solids separation. It is compatible with most off-the-shelf tanks, and is suitable for high-strength applications such as food service establishments. It operates effectively under shock loading, underloading and intermittent flow. 336/547-9338;

  Fixed integrated treatment system

MicroFAST wastewater treatment systems from Bio-Microbics use Fixed Integrated Treatment Technology (FITT) to produce clear, odorless effluent with nutrient-reduction that is suitable for subsurface irrigation or surface discharge with additional disinfection (where regulations permit). The attached-growth process has been engineered to fit most treatment capacities, between 500 to more than 100,000 gpd for residential and commercial applications. Systems are LEED eligible with the U.S. Green Building Council GreenBuild program, and are ideal for remote locations or in temporary situations, such as construction sites, or for communities, subdivisions, commercial flows and residential clusters. 800/753-3278;

  Versatile treatment system

The 620C from Eliminite is an advanced treatment technology ideal for high-strength waste applications like RV parks, ski resorts, golf resorts, microbreweries, taverns, churches, schools, restaurants, convenience stores, highway rest areas and more. It is especially useful for remote oil and gas development projects where wastewater from man camps, hydraulic fracturing and residential development in nonmunicipal locations needs to be treated for reuse or safe disposal.  It is also designed to serve residential community developments where a centralized community treatment solution is preferable. The system is engineered to satisfy stringent nitrogen removal requirements, and is proven to function optimally under adverse cold-weather, high-altitude conditions, requiring little maintenance and virtually no active operation effort. Systems can be fit to unique site requirements. 888/406-2289;

  Sand filter

The GSF Geotextile Sand Filter from Eljen Corporation provides advanced treatment and dispersal in the same footprint. The internal design provides sufficient void space to allow for aerobic conditions, while the Bio-Matt fabric promotes biological growth on its multiple surfaces. The fabric enhances system performance and keeps the biological growth away from native soil, preserving the soil’s long-term acceptance rate. The unit’s lightweight and easy-to-handle modules allow for quick and convenient delivery and installation. 800/444-1359;

  Compact treatment system

The Envirocycle G7-Series 1200 GPD install-anywhere treatment system from Envirocycle USA exceeds ANSI-NSF 40/245/350 performance requirements with no extra trash or dose tanks needed. It requires no preventive maintenance and is safe for drip tube dispersal. Lightweight and compact, it can be airlifted to remote installation sites. Full remote monitoring and control is standard. Up to 3,600 gpd can be treated in a footprint of less than 98 square feet. EnviroSentry remote monitoring and control protects the environment, keeps service expense to a minimum and allows for efficient, low-cost regulatory compliance. 530/888-6480;

  Septic system remediator

The Aquaworx Remediator from Infiltrator Systems is a simple, easy-to-install septic system remediation technology that rejuvenates most failing septic systems with minimal landscape disruption. Inserted into an existing septic tank of a malfunctioning system, it reverses the biological clogging process causing the failure in as little as two weeks, and requires nominal operation and maintenance cost. Under normal operation, a septic system builds a biological layer (biomat) that over time can become overly restrictive, clogging soil pores and causing a system malfunction. The technology introduces oxygen into a bacterial growth media column, allowing it to thrive and consume organic matter. These bacteria combine with the oxygen-rich effluent in the tank and move to the drainfield, reducing the clogging layer and associated odors and wet areas in the yard. 800/221-4436;

  Non-submerged attached growth system

Utilizing an enhanced, non-submerged attached growth system, the M400, M550, and M750 treatment process from SeptiTech – a subsidiary of Bio-Microbics, comes standard in a two-stage HDPE plastic or reinforced concrete septic tanks. ETV-EPA verified and NSF/ANSI Standard 40/245 certified, the nitrogen removal technology achieves top level performance in total nitrogen reduction, while maintaining effluent Nitrate-N levels consistently below 10 mg/L and achieving over 98 percent BOD and TSS removal. They are designed to treat wastewater with minimal operator oversight while delivering high-quality treatment during peak, low or intermittent flows. Commercial sizes are also available and with an optional touch-screen operator interface terminal. This programmable logic controller can manage and monitor all system functions, and report back automatically if there is an alarm condition. 800/318-7967;


  Jetter/pressure washer combo unit

The Performance line of trailer-mounted jetter/pressure washer combo units from Amazing Machinery features rugged, heavy-duty construction. They are designed for easy trailing, and the large water supply tank allows technicians to jet anywhere. A rear-mounted 12-volt electric hose reel and rear stack-mounted manual pressure washer and garden hose reel provide ample hose space. They come standard with 300 feet of jetter hose, two nozzles and a complete set of washdown accessories. The triplex ceramic plunger pump provides pressures up to 4,000 psi and flow rates up to 15 gpm. 800/504-7435;

  Versatile water jetter

The M30 MaxBlaster jetter from MyTana Mfg. Company is a portable jetter delivering 4.5 gpm at 3,000 psi, and is powered by a 390 cc Honda engine. It is mounted on a maneuverable cart with the motor, pump, reel and hose. The hose reel is removable, and the unit is also equipped with a reel stand and 50-foot jumper hose, so it can be operated indoors while the gas engine remains outside. It comes with 200 feet of 3/8-inch thermoplastic jetter hose, 75 feet of 1/8-inch hose for sink or drainfield lines, and a set of three nozzles for each hose – penetrating, cornering and blind thrust. 800/328-8170;

  Portable water jetter

The KJ-3100 water jetter from RIDGID clears blockages in 2- to 10-inch drainlines with 3,000 psi working pressure and 5.5 gpm flow. It is powered by a 16 hp gasoline engine, and is mounted on a heavy-duty, two-wheeled cart that fits through standard-sized doors and negotiates tight turns. The hose reel quickly detaches from the cart for easy loading into service vehicles, and permits easy access to hard-to-reach drains. The 3/8-inch jetter hose is 200 feet long. The unit includes pulse action, which allows the cleaning head and hose to maneuver through traps and bends. The high-pressure pump is a triplex design with a corrosion-resistant brass head. The unit comes with a propulsion nozzle that helps carry the hose quickly through pipes to obstructions, and a penetrating nozzle to cut through ice and sludge. 800/769-7743;

  Hybrid hydrojetter

The Model 727 cart-mounted hybrid hydrojetter from Spartan Tool runs on either gasoline or propane and the fuel source can be easily switched by flipping a lever, allowing it to be operated indoors and outdoors without any loss of pressure or flow. It produces 3,000 psi, which provides pressure to scour any line up to 6 inches in diameter, while 4 gpm of flow moves debris downstream. Pulse technology reduces line friction, allowing it to maneuver the corners of drainfields, while 200 feet of 9/16-inch hose provides enough length to get through most fields in one shot. Standard equipment includes 75 feet of 3/16-inch trap hose for tight bends, seven nozzles for various jetting situations, a washdown wand with adjustable nozzle, jetting gloves, easy winterization for cold climates and an electric start motor. 800/435-3866;

  Professional-grade jetting system

Professional-grade jetter systems from Water Cannon feature Honda GX 390 engines, flow rates of either 4 or 4.8 gpm, pressure of either 3,200 or 4,200 psi, and either a 200- or 300-foot jetter hose. They have stable tilt-back style portable frames with roll cages, plus a pulsation valve for instant pulsation on demand to quickly loosen and flush blockages. They also come with a ball valve, high-capacity Hosetract hose reel and four nozzles. 800/333-9274;

Pressure Washers/Sprayers

  Direct-drive cold pressure washer

Steam Jenny direct-drive cold pressure washers from Jenny Products are powered by 9 or 13 hp Honda GX Series engines, and feature a triplex ceramic plunger pump. They are available with pressure ratings between 3,000 and 4,000 psi, and flow rates vary between 3 and 4 gpm. A customizable option allows customers to choose a unit with pressure and flow ratings based on specific needs. Standard features include thermal pump protection, an unloader valve and a high-pressure relief valve. To protect the engine, the unit will automatically shut down if low oil levels are detected. The chassis is made with powder-coated, seven-gauge steel. Included is a professional-grade insulated trigger gun with safety lock, quick-connect nozzles with nozzle control, high capacity in-line water strainer, gun/wand holder, hose reel mounting adapter and dual rubber isolators. They feature ball bearing wheels on a solid axle. The flat-free pneumatic tires are ideal for moving over any terrain. 814/445-3400;


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