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Alarms, Controls and Monitor Systems
Early adoption of valve monitoring technology is effective.

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Early adoption of valve monitoring technology is effective

Problem: Art Betker, the sewage system operator for the Rockwood Estates residential community in Rice, Minn., realized he was spending a lot of time making periodic checks of the mechanical distributing valves for the treatment modules. The treatment process utilizes 5:1 recirculation, and each valve was cycling over 200,000 times per year. Occasionally a valve spring would break, preventing even distribution to all modules. If the problem was not detected quickly, treatment would deteriorate causing
regulatory problems.

Solution: Betker learned about an electronic monitor and early-warning alert system being developed for 6000 Series multi-zone distributing valves sold by K-RAIN, Clarus/Zoeller and Orenco from Dynamic Monitors. Betker recommends installing prototype monitors on the four valves during an upgrade. The monitors were hardwired back to the main control panel, equipped with telemetry for remote monitoring.

Result: The monitors have provided early detection of broken valve springs and helped identify an output relay failure in the control panel. A finalized version of the IVM6000TM was launched in 2013; however, the prototypes are still working well. “The monitors provide peace of mind that the valves are distributing effluent uniformly and have significantly reduced the amount of time I spend making random spot checks,” says Betker. 888/747-7645;


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