Product Focus - October 2019

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Aerobic Treatment

Knight Treatment Systems White Knight Microbial Inoculator Generator
The White Knight Microbial Inoculator Generator from Knight Treatment Systems offers an enhanced form of aerobic treatment that introduces, cultivates and releases selected microorganisms. It is designed to be simple to install in most septic tanks. It can be used to retrofit outdated aerobic treatment units and package treatment plants and enhance the performance of community and high-strength wastewater treatment systems in addition to septage processing facilities. 800-560-2454;

SeptiTech STAAR
SeptiTech STAAR (Smart Trickling Anaerobic/Aerobic Recirculation) filter systems are designed for multifamily domestic and high-strength commercial wastewater from 100 to more than 150,000 gpd for residential and commercial wastewater treatment applications. The systems use partially submerged media to treat high organic loads. The simple, automatic and reliable equalization and clarification process treats high-organic loads that integrate with other technologies and accessories, according to the maker. The biological trickling filter technology also maintains low levels of Nitrate-N with all below-grade components that fit in readily available concrete, plastic or fiberglass tanks. Smart technology allows the system to go into a sleep mode that will dial down activity and eventually shut power off until normal flow conditions are detected. This reduces operating costs and power requirements. 207-333-6940;

Advanced Treatment Units

Anua PuraSys sequencing batch reactor
The Anua PuraSys sequencing batch reactor ships in a boxed kit that can be installed in hours in any standard septic tank. The kit includes a control panel, floats, predrilled siphon pipe, PVC pipe stands, siphon/sludge pump, aerator and a drainfield pump. It can be used for new construction or retrofitted into existing tanks to renovate biologically failed trenches or sand mounds. It uses a batch process where the treatment steps are done in a timed, sequential manner. The process is energy efficient; treatment occurs as needed using intermittent aeration, mixing and settling. It is certified to NSF/ANSI 40 Class I and NSF/ANSI 245 (nitrogen reduction). Residential and commercial configurations are available. 336-547-9338;

BioMicrobics MicroFAST
MicroFAST wastewater treatment systems or MicroFITT-ee (energy-efficient version) systems from BioMicrobics are integrated into a standard septic tank. With the SFR feature, alternate modes include intermittent operation of the blower to reduce electricity usage up to 45% and recirculation of nitrified wastewater to the primary settling chamber for added denitrification. Biosolids treatment and sludge digestion are designed to reduce treatment cost and maintenance. Available in 500- to more than 9,000-gpd configurations, technology scales for larger residential and commercial flows. A stable treatment process with fully submerged, fixed-film media and activated sludge treatment help in difficult applications and where infrastructure may not be available, according to the maker. The effluent meets secondary quality requirements and can be distributed to a soil treatment system or water reuse applications. Larger MyFAST and MacroFITT configurations offer up to 2 million-gpd flow. 913-422-0707;

Clarus Environmental Fusion  
Clarus Environmental’s Fusion treatment systems are drop-in wastewater treatment units designed for decentralized applications where effluent quality must meet or exceed secondary treatment standards. They are designed for residential, commercial and small community applications and are available in 450- to 4,000-gpd treatment capacities. All models up to 800 gpd are NSF/ANSI Standard 40 certified to produce effluent quality of 9 mg/L CBOD5 and 9 mg/L TSS. The design enables installation without a pretreatment tank, making it suitable for sites with limited space. Effluent disposal options include conventional trenches, dosed systems, drip irrigation or disinfection with direct discharge. 800-928-7867;

Delta Treatment Systems ECOPOD-N
The ECOPOD-N fixed-film bioreactor (FFBR) system from Delta Treatment Systems is a self-contained device that houses engineered PVC media designed to treat domestic wastewater. Five models accommodate daily flows of 500 to 1,500 gpd, with customizable options for commercial applications up to 100,000 gpd. It is suitable for individual residential installations, cluster designs and commercial wastewater treatment applications. It is certified to ANSI/NSF International Standards 40 and 245 and is Federal Housing Administration and Veterans Affairs acceptable. It can be inserted into a standard-size septic tank or vault providing quiet, odorless operation and is suitable for intermittent usage with an average nitrogen reduction greater than 50%. It also minimizes sludge production, reducing pumpout frequency. 800-219-9183;

Jet Inc. J-500-800PLT
The J-500-800PLT plastic tank from Jet Inc. offers a lightweight alternative to concrete J-1500 Series BAT Media Plants. Treatment capacity is variable from 500 to 800 gpd. They are rotational molded out of lightweight polyethylene for a seamless tank with maximum strength and durability. They are easy to transport and install in difficult site conditions. 800-321-6960;

Norweco Singulair Green
The Singulair Green advanced treatment unit from Norweco is designed to quietly, efficiently and automatically treat all domestic wastewater in just 24 hours. The durable, watertight HDPE tank can be used for either new or replacement applications. It is easily installed and offers single-tank convenience. The all-in-one system contains pretreatment, aeration, clarification, filtration, flow equalization, and optional disinfection and dechlorination. The unit incorporates support ribs and an inherently strong arch shape designed for a long life span. Designed for domestic wastewater flows up to 600 gpd with treatment performance meeting or exceeding strict state and county requirements, it is certified by NSF to Standards 40 and 245 for nitrogen reduction. 800-667-9326;

Orenco Systems AdvanTex AX-RT Series
The AdvanTex AX-RT Series of advanced wastewater treatment systems from Orenco Systems is designed for system repair and rehabilitation. All interior components are installed, plumbed and adjusted at the factory. Units can be shallowly buried for use between a functional, watertight septic tank and a functioning drainfield. The three-in-one design includes recirculation, treatment and discharge in a single unit to simplify installation and eliminate the need for additional tanks, basins, risers and lids. The system can be maintained with an annual service call. Filters and textile media are accessible and cleanable, and control panels are touch-safe. No blower is needed for the passively vented system. An optional UV disinfection unit is available. 800-348-9843;

Septic System Bacteria

Bionetix International Eco-Sept
Eco-Sept pouches from Bionetix International contain pink, granular powder with a high concentration of beneficial bacteria (28 billion per pouch), enzymes, biological nutrients and stimulants designed to improve the microbial action of a septic system. When added to a septic tank, they reduce the frequency of pumping by degrading paper, grease, vegetable waste and other organic wastes quickly, according to the manufacturer. This helps keep sewer lines open, prevents drain blockage and backups, extends life of leachfield lines and reduces foul odors, the maker says. It is safe to use and will not damage pipes or fittings. It comes packaged in 1-ounce water-soluble pouches, 400 per pail. For 500- to 800-gallon tanks, the initial dose is one pouch per day for four days, followed by a one-pouch-per-month maintenance dose. For tanks of 1,000 to 2,500 gallons, the initial dose is two pouches per day for four days with a maintenance dose of two pouches per month. 514-457-2914;

Scienco/FAST Mighty Mike U&F-BOOST! 
Premeasured and pressed into a tablet, Mighty Mike U&F-BOOST! (Billion Onsite Organisms Sewage Treatment) tablets from Scienco/FAST - a division of BioMicrobics are designed to break down sewage. They contain a formulation of 25 billion per gram Class 1 bacteria with no Salmonella, Shigella or E. coli strains. They are safe for pipes, septic systems and tanks with no harmful chemicals, emulsifiers, added enzymes or surfactants. The tablet can be flushed down the toilet or tossed directly into a trouble area. The maker states the microbial population will double in number every 20 to 40 minutes, consuming its food source until all organic material is gone. They can function in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. 866-652-4539;

Septic System Chemical

Arcan Enterprises Septic-Scrub
Septic-Scrub chemical additive from Arcan Enterprises is designed to help remove sludge that builds up and sticks to the stone in a drainfield, pit or sand mound to rejuvenate the drainfield. According to the maker, it works in the first 24 hours after application. It can serve as part of a maintenance program. It works with all types of systems, is safe to handle and is environmentally friendly. 888-352-7226;

Septic Drainfield Restoration

Eljen GSF
The GSF, or Geotextile Sand Filter, advanced wastewater treatment and dispersal system from Eljen is designed to provide treatment and dispersal in the same footprint while keeping installations easy and maintenance minimal. Utilizing a two-stage pretreatment process, the geotextile modules apply filtered septic tank effluent to the soil, increasing the soil’s ability to accept the effluent and increase the long-term acceptance rate. Its design provides increased surface area for biological treatment that greatly exceeds the module’s absorption area, according to the maker. Open-air channels within the module support aerobic bacterial growth on the module’s geotextile fabric interface, surpassing the surface area required for traditional absorption systems. The result is simple installations in a smaller soil absorption area, according to the maker. The system is tested and certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 40. 800-444-1359;

Geomatrix Systems SoilAir
SoilAir from Geomatrix Systems intermittently aerates the drain/leachfield and surrounding soils rather than constantly aerating wastewater in a tank. This process allows rapid rejuvenation of failed septic systems, extends the life span of new leachfields and enhances treatment, according to the maker. Systems can serve single and multifamily homes, as well as challenging and high-strength waste streams, such as restaurants, hotels, marinas, laundromats, health care facilities, grocery stores, food processing facilities and convenience stores. 860-510-0730;

NextGen Septic retrofit
Retrofit technology from NextGen Septic can be installed into any approved septic tank and works to repair a clogged soil drainfield in as little as eight to 12 weeks, according to the maker. The technology offers a compact, stand-alone, automated, two-stage treatment system for domestic sewage that produces a clean water output. The sewage is collected in the tank for the first stage, which has been retrofitted with biomedia and aeration technology. The second stage, which occurs in a separate treatment unit, removes nitrogen, phosphorus and harmful contaminants through a no-maintenance-required membrane and ozone disinfection systems. When the clear, disinfected water output is distributed into the clogged soil drainfield, it reduces the growth of aerobic bacteria and allows dissolved oxygen to kill some of the thickness of the biomat in the soil, according to the manufacturer. 513-262-9506;


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