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Excavation Equipment

Bobcat R-Series E85
R-Series E85 excavators from Bobcat offer a design geared toward increasing operator productivity and comfort, as well as machine uptime protection. Operators will benefit from the performance of the nondiesel particulate filter, turbocharged engine with increased horsepower, and an optimized integrated rear counterweight design that enhances the machine’s stability. An optional automatic heating and air conditioning system provides complete control over the cab climate. Strengthened hinges and latches and more ridged, aligned excavator panels reduce vibration in the cab, making for a more enjoyable workday. Along with having the largest cab openings in the industry, there is increased floor space and additional glass surface area, which includes an improved top window and narrower side pillars for increased visibility. 800-743-4340;

Ditch Witch HT275
The HT275 heavy-duty trencher from Ditch Witch has a Cummins 275 hp T4 engine and a hydrostatic trencher-chain drive with a variable displacement motor, allowing operators to match chain speeds to soil conditions. The trencher can do installations up to 10 feet deep and 26 inches wide, and it has four hydraulic quick-disconnect blocks that reduce the time it takes to change attachments. The suspension mounts to the center of each track frame, providing the ability to float each track independently, taking stress off the main frame. 800-654-6481;

Hitachi EX1200-7
The EX1200-7 excavator from Hitachi has a fuel-efficient Cummins Environmental Protection Agency Final Tier 4 engine with diesel exhaust fluid. For nonregulated countries, a Cummins engine featuring fuel-calibration optimization settings helps contribute to improved efficiency. Additionally, when the machine is in neutral, auto-idle reduces engine speed to save on fuel consumption. It also features a 4.5% increase in bucket capacity with a 9.2-cubic-yard capacity. Equipped with optimized swing control, the new machine also has an improved hydraulic system with a flow regeneration valve to reduce power requirements from the hydraulic system and engine, lowering fuel consumption and improving pump life. 866-973-0394;

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas R35Z-9A
The 3.5-ton class R35Z-9A zero-tail-swing compact excavator from Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas includes a Werk-Brau-compatible thumb bracket, a diverter valve for easy switching between a thumb or attachment, proportional control levers with two-way piping, pin-grabber-style dual- locking quick coupler and Q/C piping, enhanced bucket design with lifting-eye and two-piece tooth design for easy replacement, an increased curve profile on the dozer blade for better grade and cutting ability, an easily replaceable cutting edge for the dozer blade, a wider-opening engine compartment and a durable LED work light on the boom for improved job site illumination. An optional feature is a four-way angle dozer blade. It has a boom swing function that can swing 75 degrees to the left and 50 degrees to the right for efficient work in congested areas. 877-509-2254;

Hand/Power Tools

Crust Busters agitator
The hand-held power agitator from Crust Busters has an 80-inch shaft and two- or three-blade propeller designed to mix a 1,000-gallon septic tank in five minutes. Options include 2-, 4-, 6- and 9-foot extensions and a short three-blade shaft that adapts to the two-blade unit. 763-878-2296;

Jet Inc. BAT Media Cleaning Tool
The BAT Media Cleaning Tool from Jet Inc. allows efficient compressed air delivery below the effluent surface while service technicians remain above grade. The original swivel design can be used with readily available air pumps, vacuum trucks or the Jet Catalog compressor. Proper service removes accumulated solids with coarse bubbles, without a washing wand or harsh chemicals. The biologically treated solids then settle in the aeration chamber to reveal more BAT Media surface area for a new biological colony to form. 800-321-6960;

Milwaukee Tool PLUS-LOK SDS-Plus Extensions
PLUS-LOK SDS-Plus Extensions from Milwaukee Tool can be used for extended reach and deep-hole drilling and are universal with all SDS-Plus rotary hammers and accessories, including drill bits, chisels, core bits and rebar cutters. The extensions easily lock into the bit for a tool-free connection, providing the reach necessary to drill the hole in the desired location without the need for long drill bits. Each extension also outlasts several drill bits and is built to withstand aggressive applications such as side-loading or drilling through rebar in concrete. 800-729-3878;

T&T Tools Mighty Probe 
The Mighty Probe from T&T Tools has a 3/8-inch hex rod (approximately 20% stiffer than a round rod) or a 7/16-inch hex rod (approximately twice as stiff as the standard round rod). Stiffer hex rods bend less to make the probe easier to push into the ground, especially when probing at deeper depths. Lengths are available from 36 to 78 inches in 6-inch increments. When the probe is combined with a slide adapter, an integrated mini slide-hammer probe is created, allowing the technician to pound through difficult spots. 800-521-6893;

Level Measurement/Control

Aquaworx by Infiltrator IPC Panel with Tapper
The Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) Panel from Aquaworx by Infiltrator is available with the Tapper Wi-Fi connection for programming and monitoring. It innovates pump system performance by leveraging simple pressure transducer technology. The Tapper enables the user to program and monitor multiple IPC pump-driven systems remotely via standard wireless connection to an enabled mobile phone, tablet or computer. The Tapper also includes a USB slot for capturing and downloading system events and settings onto a removable USB memory device, providing the operator with a history of system function critical to troubleshooting and maintaining a pump-driven system. Easy to install, according to the maker, the panel monitors liquid levels, controls pumping time intervals, logs events in real-time, and calculates daily system flow via an embedded microprocessor in the pump controller and a floatless pressure transducer in the pump chamber. 800-221-4436;


Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Groundhog Jetter
The Groundhog Jetter from Easy Kleen Pressure Systems is designed to blast through clogged pipes with a 35 hp Vanguard engine providing 12 gpm at 3,500 psi. It is compact and can be transported in a pickup truck or van, with trailer options available. It includes a fully welded, powder-coated, 2-inch steel tube frame, drilled and tapped, which houses the 200-gallon water tank. It comes with an accessible breather and 10-gallon fuel tank, General Pump with gearbox drive, 12-volt powered hose reel with 300 feet of 3/8-inch jetter hose, hose guides, a super swivel and foot-pedal control, emergency shut-off valve and hour meter. Optional remote features include hose reel-in, motor off/speed control and pressure on/off. 800-315-5533;

Pressure Washer

HotJet USA HotJet II
The HotJet II sewer and drainline jetter from HotJet USA is a dual-purpose machine that cleans drains and serves as a high-powered, hot-water pressure washer. It can be used to clean drains up to 300 feet long and 12 inches in diameter. It has a 35 hp Vanguard engine by Toyota, delivering 10 gpm at 4,000 psi using hot or cold water, and is mounted on a diamond plate tandem-axle trailer and powder-coated for durability. 800-624-8186;


Ashland Pump effluent pumps
Heavy-duty effluent pumps from Ashland Pump are available in multiple horsepower sizes for various performance requirements, with efficient permanent split-capacitor motors. The oil-filled pumps have an upper and lower ball bearing design and handle up to 3/4-inch solids. They are made of cast iron, with cast iron impellers and equipped with a piggyback switch (20-foot standard cord) or in manual configurations. They are offered in 3/10, 2/5, 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1 1/2 hp models. 855-281-6830;

Flygt - a Xylem Brand Concertor 
The Concertor smart, interconnected wastewater-pumping system from Flygt - a Xylem Brand senses the operating conditions of its environment, adapts its performance in real time and provides feedback to pumping station operators. It offers energy savings of up to 70% compared to a conventional pumping system; it also reduces inventory by up to 80% due to flexible performance. Its compact design reduces cabinet size by up to 50%. It offers a wide performance field to choose the right operating point, simplifying fine-tuning. 855-995-4261;

Gorman-Rupp SF Series
SF Series submersible solids-handling pumps from Gorman-Rupp use single-vane impeller designs requiring lower horsepower with increased flow and head. The line of pumps is available on more than 24 models in 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch flanged discharge sizes and power ranging from 3 to 75 hp. These combinations will provide flows up to 3,400 gpm and heads to 170 feet. 419-755-1011;

HCP Pumps of America GF Series
GF Series grinder pumps from HCP Pumps of America come in a 1.25- and 2-inch discharge and ranges from 1 to 10 hp. Their radial cutters have four blades instead of two. The internal-capacitor-motor design provides higher torque, and all single-phase grinder models are equipped with centrifugal switches. Standard accessories include epoxy-resin-sealed and water-resistant cable base, auto-cut thermal motor protector and triple-seal design. 251-943-8080;

Orenco Systems Biotube ProPak
Biotube ProPak pump packages from Orenco Systems are complete and ready to install. They are used for filtering and pumping effluent from single- or dual-compartment septic tanks to gravity or pressurized discharge points. Pump vault technology eliminates the need for a separate dosing tank. Packages include a Biotube filter cartridge, which filters up to two-thirds of solids, so only liquid from the tank’s clear zone is pumped. Filters are easy to remove and clean without pulling the pump vault. All components are designed to be quickly installed and easily maintained. The PF Series high-head effluent pump is field serviceable and field repairable, and pump controls are designed for specific packages. Multiple models are available. ProPak Select software is designed to provide fast, error-free hydraulic calculations and generate system curves, according to the maker. 800-348-9843;

Polylok PL-CPE5A
The PL-CPE5A from Polylok is a submersible 1/2 hp, 115-volt, single-phase effluent pump with a 2-inch NPT vertical discharge. It has a maximum head of 48 feet and a maximum flow of 64 gpm. It is designed with a 3,450 rpm, oil-filled, permanent split-capacitor motor and has an amp rating of 8.5 for 115 volts, cast iron housing and volute with a cast iron vortex impeller that passes 3/4-inch-diameter solids. The stainless steel shaft is supported by two single-row, oil-lubricated ball bearings. The shaft seal is an inboard design with a secondary exclusion V seal. Construction materials are carbon for the rotating face and ceramic for the stationary face. All elastomers are Buna-N, and the hardware is 300 Series stainless steel. It has a 20-foot UL/CSA-listed power cable suitable for submersible service and fitted with a three-prong plug. It is supplied with an integrated clip on its piggyback mechanical float switch for automatic operation. 888-765-9565;

Vertiflo Pump Series 800
The Series 800 immersion sump pump from Vertiflo Pump can be used for sump drainage, flood control and process drainage to meet U.S. EPA and Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements. It offers heads to 230 feet, temperatures to 350 degrees F, pit depths to 26 feet and up to 3,000 gpm. It has a semiopen impeller, external adjustment and a standard NEMA C face motor. It is available in cast iron, 316 stainless steel fitted, all 316 stainless steel, alloy 20, Hastelloy or CD4MCu construction. 513-530-0888; 

Sludge Sampling Equipment

Sim/Tech Filter TruCore
The TruCore from Sim/Tech Filter is a large-diameter, accurate, user-friendly sludge sampler designed for use in the thicker sludge common to septic tanks. It allows samples to be taken quickly without creating excessive turbulence, as there are no restrictions caused by valves, stoppers or flaps. With a 1 3/8-inch I.D., the capacity per foot is almost 10 ounces. The straight-through design allows the sample to be effortlessly returned to the tank. The unit is made of a polycarbonate sampling tube (marked every foot) and PVC fittings. It comes as a single-piece, 8-foot unit or as two 4-foot units that slip together. Custom sizes and configurations are also available. A simple and customizable extension kit is available for deeply buried tanks. 888-999-3290; 


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