Product Spotlight - July 2020

Product Spotlight - July 2020

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Installing and maintaining supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems is becoming a routine part of working with many onsite wastewater treatment systems. These software platforms provide connectivity and control over facility systems from anywhere in the world, making efficient operations much more manageable and achievable.

The HAWK Monitoring System, or HAWKMS, is a platform from Adenus Technologies that’s designed to monitor and control a variety of onsite applications specific to septic systems.

“The HAWKMS is a custom solution, built specifically to serve the decentralized wastewater industry,” says Matt Pickney, development team lead for HAWKMS. “The uniqueness is found in its ability to provide subscribers with a managed service that is tailored to their specific needs.”

HAWKMS is a software as a service product that links the control panels running wastewater infrastructure and the operators managing them. The designers focused on flexibility, making the product capable of fully supporting the controls, monitoring and operational tracking of industry-specific applications such as collections systems, lift stations and an array of treatment technologies.

The software has taken years to develop into the platform it is today, and Pickney believes longtime partnerships with established wastewater service providers gives HAWKMS unique value specific to the industry. “With more than 20 years of focused development driven by user feedback, HAWKMS is a mature platform that is constantly evolving,” Pickney says.

Monitoring effectively and efficiently can be the difference in keeping a business and treatment system up and running. Software like HAWKMS can provide a way to effectively track and maintain required guidelines or identify areas that may need improvement, according to Pickney.

The product features a secure channel for tracking site performance, a full reporting suite, benchmarking for trend analysis and forecasting, and an automated case management system to ensure problems are being identified and resolved in a timely manner. 

“Our customers recognize the value that our service delivers — in particular, our ability to securely deliver timely intelligence on their most important assets,” Pickney says. “We are their trusted partners in the critical areas of tracking regulatory compliance, system uptime and operational efficiency.” 888-423-3687; 


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