Product Focus - January 2021

Product Focus - January 2021

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Drainfield Components

Advanced Drainage Systems’ Arc Leaching Chambers
Advanced Drainage Systems Arc Leaching Chambers provide a structural design to handle any conventional leachfield system challenge without sacrificing performance. Built to accommodate gravity-fed and pressure-dose systems, the sturdy, lightweight polyethylene plastic units combine maximized infiltrative surface area and storage capacity. This allows for increased effluent dispersal performance, improved structural integrity and increased load-bearing capability. They come in five sizes. Built in 5-feet lengths, they have a 20-degree joint that is suitable for either straight or contoured septic leachfield applications. The lock-and-drop joint provides a secure connection during installation and backfill. To assist in job site flexibility, inspection vent ports are on each chamber with an easy-to-remove knockout. A side port coupler snaps into place to allow side entry at any joint throughout the trench line. 800-821-6710;

Clarus Environmental Spider Valve
The Spider Valve assembly from Clarus Environmental ensures appropriate filtered effluent distribution when regulations require pressurized splitting or when small lots require lateral lines of unequal length. Combined with a pump, customizable orifices within the manifold prevent individual laterals from receiving more than their share of total flow. A convenient sizing program is available to allow customization for any project. It is available in models serving up to 10 laterals. Each assembly includes 5/32-inch predrilled washers and a union for each washer. Unions allow washers to be removed for cleaning and maintenance. It comes with 3 feet of 1/2-inch PVC flexible pipe on each discharge for easy assembly. It mounts in a 24-inch-diameter access riser. 800-928-7867;

EZ Treat Recirculation Sand/Media Filter System
E-Z Treat recirculating synthetic media filter systems are designed to create a suitable setting for bacterial growth to flourish. They are manufactured to treat sewage across multiple applications and for flows of 100 to 100,000 gpd. The system uses natural biological processes to break down waste. When septic-treated effluent first enters the recirculating chamber, it is dosed passively through an active film matrix. Through a series of bypass valves and recirculation pumps, the effluent is continuously circulated through the media, where it can exit through a bypass valve and flow into a gravity drainfield or into a pump chamber for dispersal options. 866-753-4770;

Geomatrix Systems SoilAir
SoilAir from Geomatrix Systems intermittently aerates the drainfield/leachfield and surrounding soils rather than constantly aerating wastewater in a tank. This process allows rapid rejuvenation of failed septic systems, extends the life span of new leachfields and enhances treatment, according to the maker. Systems can serve single-family and multifamily homes, as well as challenging and high-strength waste streams found at restaurants, hotels, marinas, laundromats, health care facilities, grocery stores, food-processing facilities and convenience stores. 888-764-5247;

Sim/Tech Filter orifice shields
Orifice shields from Sim/Tech Filter are designed to prevent drain media, such as drain stone, from blocking discharge holes, promoting even distribution of effluent in pressurized systems. The shields have a sturdy design that keeps them firmly in place after snapping them on the laterals, according to the maker. The large amount of open area between the pipe and shield allows for easy placement over the holes and reduces media clogging by debris. The enclosed design has a large amount of open area, but all openings are small enough to prevent media from entering the shield. Two styles are available — for top-discharge distribution holes and bottom-discharge holes. Shields are available to fit 3/4-, 1-, 1 1/4-, 1 1/2-, 2- or 3-inch pipe. 888-999-3290;

Vent Pipe Filters

Polylok Poly-Air
The Poly-Air activated carbon roof vent from Polylok is designed to help remove offensive odors as they come out of the roof vent from hydrogen sulfide, for example. The 6-inch unit offers 5 pounds of activated carbon, while smaller units offer 1 pound. 877-765-9565;

Simple Solutions Distributing WVI Inline
The WVI Inline activated carbon filter from Simple Solutions Distributing is installed in an attic or crawl space inline of existing vents to remove septic odor. The filter comes in 4- and 6-inch sizes, with the smaller able to be bushed down to 1.5-, 2- and 3-inch sizes. It comes with 2 pounds of Sulfursorb Plus activated carbon, which is poured into the 2-inch fill port. The unit is equipped to accept an optional screw-in saturation indicator that changes color to indicate when carbon needs to be changed. It can be installed in any climate where septic or sewer vent odor exists and the roof vent filter needs to be hidden. 973-846-7817; 


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